Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Short stuff!

Yea! As of this morning, I have a short cast! Based on how my arm feels now, I think it will be a while before I can tat, knit, crochet, or sew. My task now is to strengthen my elbow by bending and flexing my arm, and by turning my arm side to side. Easy you say? That's what I thought, until I actually tried it! Ouch!

Some time in the last week or so, I saw a picture of a ring bearer's pillow with a cluster of tatted flowers. Now I can't remember where I saw it! Does anyone else remember seeing it? Do you know where it is? Help! Please!


  1. I can't help with the pillow..sorry.
    But I am sooo excited that you are in the short cast. I know it hurts, but you MUST do your excercises so that you can be 100%

  2. I can help with the pillow either -- but congrats on the short cast. Physical therapy is a pain in the ...whatever... but the results are worth it. I hope you'll be back making your own hippo in a rose garden soon!

  3. I don't have your email but I wanted to give you this link to a list of my favorite embroidery books including instructional ones!
    OH and It's great that you have the shorter cast!!!

  4. Glad to hear that you are in a shorter cast! Keep hanging in there, your arm will feel better soon. Your cheerful spirit is an inspiration to us all.

  5. Yes, don't forgo the therapy. I too, remember seeing the ring pillow but can't help you locate it now. Sorry.

    And thank you for your comment on my latest snowflake. I know I should really work more on writing out the patterns and less on new designs ... but writing is such a bore, :-)

  6. I am happy to hear you are in a short cast. Unfortunately you need to get that arm a moving it is one of those no pain no gain situations and the more you exercise the faster you will be able to get back to tatting. You remember tatting, that art form that you used to enjoy so much. Best of luck on a speedy recovery.

  7. Congrats on your short cast! I sure hope you get to feeling better soon!


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