Saturday, June 6, 2009

Taking a break from classes

I'm taking three leadership classes this summer, and possibly a fourth, which will keep me pretty busy! Since I need all my brain power for writing papers, I'll be sticking to easy-to-remember patterns until I'm finished. I completed my first class yesterday morning. It took me three weeks, so I'm figuring that with school out I should be able to finish all four courses over the summer.

Isn't the purple background pretty? It's my mom's latest weaving venture. I asked for scraps to make pin cushions, and she sent me this gorgeous piece. It's way too pretty to cut up for pin cushions, but if I want to share her weaving with everyone, that's what I'll have to do.

Out of my leftover ChocoRaspberry by Pamela Myers, I was able to make two Stumpy bookmarks by Kersti Anear and three little doodles. I'm not sure what I'll do with my doodles, but I have quite a few saved up for a rainy day!


  1. oooh...I love that weaving! I want a whole blanket made of it! LOL!

    So...I'll see you on the 13th too! Yay!!!

  2. I don't think I could manage a blanket.

  3. Your moms weaving is always lovely and this one is especially pretty being purple. How did you find time to tat amongst taking classes. You must have a ton of energy, where do you get it and can I have some?

  4. Oh the joy of some tatting when the stress gets too much, it really helps, doesn't it?
    The colours are wonderful, and the pattern in the weaving is really pretty, what a clever Mom!

  5. I have lost Kersti's Stumpy, it was saved in Explorer which just crashes every time I try to open it. Doesn't deem to be on her website anymore. OOps just searched her site and found it, yippee.
    Yours looks yummy. but then it would!!

    Good luck with the courses.

  6. Your mom's weaving is lovely. I always a in awe of weavers, as I tried a handloom once, and though I produced a half-decent piece, it took FOREVER! Patience required!

    Nice bookmarks! Great colours.

    Good luck on the courses. Fox : )

  7. Nice bookmarks! I just got some of the ChocoRasperry! It is nice looking.

  8. i agree, diane. the purple weaving is beautiful. exquisite! pls let your mum know.

  9. The stumpy bookmarks and doodles are so pretty. I love that thread. The weaving if gorgeous!

  10. So pretty ! Thanks, for leting me know May's snowflake arrived :) Will put June's in the post today :)
    Happy tatting .


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