Monday, December 14, 2009

Tatting with Pamela

I was really stuck on how to begin "The Third Day of December" from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn. Luckily, I knew that Pamela could help me out, and I have the beautiful snowflake she sent me as an example. I guess sometimes a picture just isn't enough for me! Thanks for the help, Pamela! I can't find the ball of thread anywhere. I know it's Anchor, but I'm not sure what size... 50? I really should take the time to read my camera manual so that I can learn to take proper pictures!

Now, the reason I haven't been tatting much...

yes, dishcloths! My friend Brenda asked me to knit a dozen dishcloths for her after Christmas last year. She's giving them as Christmas presents. It doesn't really take long to knit a dishcloth, although my knitting has slowed down since I broke my wrist almost two years ago. I just can't knit as quickly or for as long a period a time as I used to. Still, I should have had these dishcloths finished by the end of January last year. I just seem to get a mental block when I have a task that needs to be completed... a good reason for me to never go into business! Anyway, now that they're finished I can move on to my next task... crocheting lace edgings on socks for my granddaughters and finishing the pair of socks I'm knitting for my grandson. I guess that means not much tatting for the next couple of weeks... sigh!


  1. LOL! I recently tatted that same snowflake - or started to. I have the center done but didn't like the way the outer part looked so cut that part off and haven't finished it again yet.

    I would think the dishclothes would get boring. Good for sitting and waiting somewhere.

  2. Love your new profile pic with the Santa hat! The man in red never had such a lovely helper!

    You've achieved a magnificent stack of dishcloths too. Patience must be one of your finer qualities.

  3. Beautiful snowflake! I have been eying that very pattern, but it is a bit intimidating! I wish there were more in the way of instructions in that wonderful little booklet.

    I admire your patience. NOTHING could entice me to knit those dishcloths!
    Fox : )

  4. Oh, what a great idea, Diane! I should've made THIS the year to tat the snowflakes from this book, then I'd have Pamela's help, too!

    Your most recent snowflake is lovely! What a beautiful picture of it hanging from your tree!

  5. You did really well, easy isn't it when you know how! Anybody who has the book and finds this snowflake intimidating can contact me for the sam,e help that I gave Diane...if I can find the email That I sent her!

  6. The snowflake is lovely. I've been hearing a lot of great things about the snowflakes in that book - very popular right now. It was nice of you to make the dishclothes. They are nice in the kitchen.


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