Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Tatting Day!

Oh, how I wish I could stay home and tat all day long! It is an early dismissal day, though, so I can't complain too much! I'm hoping that Carol will cook dinner or go for carry-out so that I can spend some quality tatting time today!

I"m slowly but surely making progress on my Primrose Path doily. Have I mentioned that I love this pattern? It's challenging enough that I don't fall asleep while working on it, but simple enough that I can work on it while I'm watching t.v. or listening to music. I love the colors I've chosen. This is my "trial" doily, where I haven't paid attention to where I started tatting the floral motifs with the variegated thread. When I get to that one, I'm thinking of using green for the second section, even though it's a lighter shade. Or, maybe I should stick with the blue. What do you think?

I was lucky enough to win a tatted bookmark from my friend Laura. Isn't it gorgeous? What I wasn't expecting was the bonus of two hankies and two bobbins! Thank you, Laura! How did you know I've been thinking about hanky edgings and bobbin lace?


  1. Hello!
    It´s a shame... I don´t know yet how to tat!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Stay at home and tat all day would be bliss! Your doily is looking great.
    And a lucky winner too.

  3. I like the way your doiley is looking and love the gifts from Laura, lucky you.

  4. the doily is looking good.

    happy tatting day, diane. and u r such a lucky gal. the bookmark laura sent u is gorgeous!

  5. Happy Tatting Day, Diane!

    The doily looks amazing. I lean towards the addition of green! Light green! However, whatever you choose will be perfect!

    ♥Fox the Opinionated ; )

  6. What an amazing prize! Those bobbins are beautiful. Of course, so is the bookmark! I think your doily is gorgeous but I also think that you would like to add the green when you make it again. I know you like green =)

  7. Happy Tatting Day! The doily is looking great. I was able to borrow the book from someone so I can do one, too. For the color change, do you mean with this particular doily or the next one? I'm lacking comprehension skills today(it's the chocolate overdose). If you mean this one, stay with the blue.

    Wow, your gifts are beautiful! The bobbins are so dainty, and I love the charms. And that bookmark is a big WOW! too. Very unique!

  8. Happy Tatting Day, Diane! Your doily is coming along so bee-yoo-ti-fully! It is really stunning. As much as I like the blue, if it were me, I would have to try it with the green to see. So my two cents is to try the green! *grins*

    What a lucky lady you are, winning those lovely bobbins, and bookmark and lacy handkerchiefs. Enjoy, especially today!

    P.S. In order for me to have more tatting time today, we are having a super simple supper.

  9. Love the doily and I think the colours are really stunning, and I agree with Fox about the green!!!
    Happy Tattting Day!!!!

  10. Oh, Diane, this is beautiful!!! I love this. I think any color you pick will be great. You are so good with colors...Happy Easter and Happy Tatting Day. Hugs, Linda

  11. Thanks for your visit and have a Happy Easter!

  12. Happy Belated Tatting Day and Happy Easter now! Lovely goodies! Lucky you to win some stuff! I'm eating a hard boiled egg right now and sipping on some ginger tea!


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