Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a goofball!

The only thing wrong with yesterday's Heart's Desire by Susan K. Fuller was the blocking! I didn't check it when I put it on the scanner, but it looked fine when I unpinned it.

Today's version turned out a little better. I think I'll use a little Best Press on both of these, and they'll be just fine.

Love that Raspberry Frappe thread!

Oh, and Suztats...

check it out in blue!


  1. They are both gorgeous but that blue . . . I think I need to tat this baby in lizbeth's new blue colors.

  2. Very pretty!! I'll have to stop the snow flakes and start the valentines.

  3. They both are lovely. I can see where the inside bottom ring joins are different in each, but I like them both ways.

  4. I just assumed that a picot connection went awry, without realizing that there is no picot connection in that part! So it's possible for that area to drift out of shape a little bit! The happy news is that you now have two lovely hearts!

  5. I made the same assumption Kathy did. So now we know you have to (1) watch your tension very carefully on that chain, and (2) block very carefully. I'm so glad it turned out OK!

    I do like today's version better too. I think the way the colors landed in this one is prettier.

  6. Hi Diane,
    Looking at your lovely hearts made me think about that small unattached ring. When I made the diagram, I had originally put the suggestion that I would attach this ring to the one next to it which I think would help set the shape better. But then I was worried about making any comments or suggestions that might sound like I was altering the pattern so I Ieft it out in the end.
    I think I'll have to tat another now and try it with the small ring attached.

  7. I just love both of them....I must look pretty close to see the difference. And the thread is beautiful choosed.


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