Saturday, October 5, 2013

Keeping track of time

Two weeks ago, Dave and I went to his sister's to celebrate their birthdays, Sept. 17 and Sept. 22. While we were there, Karen showed us a table that has made by her husband Larry's grandfather back in the 1920s. It had been damaged by cigarette burns and water rings from glasses, so Karen and Larry had it refinished. It is gorgeous! I wish I had taken a picture.

Anyway, Karen and Larry asked that I either tat or crochet a doily for it for their Christmas present. Of course I decided on tatting. :-)

There's great danger in owning many tatting books... it's almost impossible to choose one pattern! This morning I looked through this book and found just what I was looking for!

They'd like a 14" doily, and after much consideration I decided on this one...

So where does keeping track of time come in? I don't really pay much attention to how much time I need to tat something, because I'm usually tatting for my own pleasure, not a deadline. Christmas will be here before we know it, and I know that a 14" doily will take some time. So, after winding my shuttle, I started a stop watch to see how long it would take me to tat the first round.

20 minutes... yikes! It looks like this is going to be a little more time consuming than I expected!


  1. That is going to be a pretty table top. Even if you don't complete it by Christmas, it will still be just as good.

  2. I think you can do it cause as they get larger you memorize the counts and get faster! Besides you are great under pressure :)

  3. When I get requests, I always tell the person I can't guarantee when it will be done. It will be their Christmas present-- possibly in February. They will like it just as much.

    Actually, I'm sure you will get it done in time. You're pretty good with deadlines. Just remember not to tat too long without a break, or you'll hurt yourself.

  4. You're going to be busy! The doily will look fantastic on the refurbished table, good way to draw attention to it.

  5. It will definitely take a while, but like Miranda says, you will get faster as you learn the counts. At least it's in the round and not made with a bunch of separate motifs connected together. You might not have taken a picture of the table now, but we will be expecting one when you get your doily on it :-)

  6. If anyone can get it done, it's you. You will have great joy in keeping count of your time during the making of the lovely doily.
    I did that with an Orenburg Diamond Triangular Shawl that took over 80 hours just because I could.
    Can't wait to see a picture of your gifted doily on top of their refurbished table!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the progress of that beautiful doily, of course you can do it, how many days to Christmas????

  8. That's an awesome looking pattern. Good luck to finishing it by Christmas! But I'm sure you won't need the luck -you can do it!

  9. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your comments about speed (or lack thereof). I think I am one of the slowest tatters on Earth. But, eventually, projects are completed.

    I imagine they would be happy to have the doily for Ground Hog Day, Valentine's Day, April Fools... Just wink and tell them, "Great art cannot be rushed."

  10. Diane, your finished doily will be as cherished as that special table, I'm sure! The pattern you chose is so gorgeous! xo


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