Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Shuttle fun

I was very happy to have a little time to tat today. I'm hoping to finish this Spinning Wheel glass mat by Friday, so that I keep on track with my goal of finishing one per week.

I'm very much in mermaid mode! I found this hoop tape on Etsy. I'd never heard of hoop tape, and I haven't taken the time to find out what it's for, but I know what I'm using it for. I took it to school today, and I'm using it to decorate the kids' tatting shuttles! Yes, indeed... I am shamelessly promoting the Drama Club's summer production of The Little Mermaid. As I'd hoped, the kids were excited about the tape. There will soon be mermaid scale tatting shuttles all over our little town!

My fascination with the shuttles from continues. Aren't these beautiful?

Or maybe you prefer these? I obviously couldn't choose, so now I own them all! 


  1. Even with everything else, you're keeping on track with the spinning wheels!
    Hoop tape must be for fixing hula-hoops, right? I like your idea better!

  2. I discovered on the internet that hoop tape is used for decorating hula hoops! There are videos that show how to wrap the tape around and around to create spirals, and even one video showing how to have the spirals come out 'even' so you don't know where you started. I'll be checking that one out!

    I know that hula hoops have never gone away, but I didn't know that it was popular to decorate them! You can use just one tape or even several different color tapes to create 'patterns' and 'bling'. Possibly dance studios got this started?

    Great idea to decorate the shuttles and promote the Drama Club's production!! :)

  3. I am sure you will get your glass mat done!! :)
    Oooh, mermaid tatting shuttles sound awesome, especially in those pretty colors!!! :)
    More beautiful shuttles!!! :) I have a problem deciding between beautiful things too!! :)

  4. Hula tape, who knew? I'd love to see some of the shuttles you decorated with it. Are they as pretty as these ones?

  5. Beautiful shuttles. I appreciate the difficulty in choosing. Like Jane, though, I'm eager to see some pictures of mermaid shuttles. I occasionally get the itch to decorate some of my shuttles, but I haven't followed through. I did use some clear glitter nail polish on one this week to remind me that the point is too dull for joining into small picots. Does that count? lol

  6. they are beautiful shuttles, leave some for the rest of us :) the tape could be put around pencils too! the little red wheel looks good, I wonder how many you have made through the years?

  7. You should be very proud of your work and promoting The Little Mermaid school production. Fun tape for making "Mermaid Shuttles". Love your newest shuttles for your extensive collection.

  8. How cool to promote the play by decorating the shuttles that way. I think it's great the kids are still into tatting:-) I have no idea what hoop tape is, either. Now I'll have to go look it up. I'm now drooling over your new shuttles. Gorgeous! I wouldn't be able to make up my mind, either!

  9. Your new shuttles are so pretty! I've been looking them over.


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