Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting ready for snow!

Well, maybe not snow, but definitely snowflakes! I have so many snowflake patterns, and I keep thinking they're the perfect gift. If I'm going to give them as gifts, I really need to get started now.

This is "The Second Day of December" from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn. I didn't start with "The First Day of December" because I couldn't figure out how to get started. Some day...

P.S. - I used DMC size 12 perle cotton


  1. I jumped up to check my book - maybe that's one I haven't tatted for the same reason - but it appears to be in another place and I'm tired of looking things up this week. Maybe next week. :-)

  2. This is so sweet Diane! I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love something you've tatted! xo Paulette

  3. It´s just wonderful!!!

  4. What a lovely Snowflake I think I have the book back home somewhere will have to wait till I am home to find it!

  5. Oh, Diane, You make me chuckle and laugh at myself! No sooner had I read that you 'couldn't figure how it started.' then I was up and at my bookcase to see what you meant.

    It is a ring with 8 picots, ending with a mock picot! You do those all the time!

    This one looks amazing, however. Did you tat it with the new shuttles, I wonder?

    ♥ Fox : ))

  6. Yes, snowflakes would make lovely gifts. Actually, snowflakes and angels and other little bits would be great to add to Christmas (or other holiday) cards and could be used as decorations by the recipient.

    Now I'm thinking that this might make a good challenge on The Tatting Forums. Or maybe just a thread sharing great patterns for such for us newbies . . .

  7. OK, so we've all jumped up and searched for that book on our shelves. Got me too!
    It's a lovely snow flake.
    you scared me to death with your "hook," "Getting Ready for Snow!" I'm never ready for snow! We are promised a cold winter here; but, hopefully not a snowy one…having only a carport (they don't seem to build a lot of garages where I live), it is the devil's own time getting out of there when there is 2 feet of snow, let alone more. And DH with the new hip and aortic valve isn't quite up to shoveling this winter….keeping my fingers crossed for a desert green Christmas ~ and not a White one.
    Back to holiday tatting…
    love, bev

  8. That is one fabulous looking snowflake! :)

  9. Your tatted snowflake is beautiful. Yes, Christmas will be here very soon so it is not too early to start tatting those gifts. Happy tatting...

  10. That is a very pretty snowflake and a good reminder, that to make all of the Christmas goodies, we need to start now.


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