Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Open wide for Stumpy!

Do you ever get jingles stuck in your head, and then change the words to make the jingle your own? I just couldn't help myself with this design. As a kid, I loved Chunky! Those chocolate squares were heavenly! Actually, I think I just bought them because of the jingle. Anyway, as I was tatting, I couldn't get the jingle out of my head. I'm sure that any time I think of the candy, I'll think of this pattern, and vice versa.

These will be off in the mail today for Chris Hinton of The Shuttle Shop to play with. I can't wait to be the proud owner of one of his new epoxy shuttles. You can check them out at The Tatting Forums.

From left to right, the threads are: Lizbeth size 20 #124, Lizbeth size 20 #121, Lizbeth size 40 #126, DMC size 70 #65 & #23.

Have I told you that this is my favorite pattern from Kersti Anear? ; )


  1. Nothing like watching Diane on a roll! These are fun!
    Fox : ))

  2. What a lovely line up of Stumpies, must give them a ho.

  3. Those all look great and I love all the different colors! :)

  4. I also love that pattern. Works up quick and easy for a little gift. Great work and I love all the colors!


  5. These are beautiful. There is something about using pink thread in a bookmark that attracts me.

  6. If that doesn't get me motivated to make a Stumpy bookmark nothing will.

    Thank you for sharing, Diane.

  7. Where do you find the time???? That's a great pattern for the new epoxy shuttles - I really hope I can get something done to get myself one of those. It takes me awhile to accomplish TWO of anything :)

  8. I was curious about the epoxy tatting shuttle, so, as you know, I've joined the The Tatting Forums. When I figure out how to navigate around in there, I'll post more info! (I'm still trying to figure out Blogger after two years!)

    The epoxy shuttle is quite a concept. Now I see why you have tatted these pretty pieces! It will be fascinating to see how the shuttles turn out!

  9. THANK YOU for the link to the tatting forum and for the introduction to the tatted shuttles!!! SOOO fabulous- I am definitely going to get me one of those shuttles!!!


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