Friday, September 17, 2010

Tatting with silk

I don't have a lot of silk in my stash, but I do love the colors I have! This one's Royal Ruby by LadyShuttleMaker. The pattern is, of course, Stumpy by Kersti Anear. I wonder if I'll ever tire of this pattern? I think not!

I do wish I could figure out why my pictures have been turning out so fuzzy lately. I guess it's time for another photography lesson with one of my daughters!


  1. Are those for the tatted shuttles? I bought some silk from Lady Shuttle Maker too . . .

  2. So tell us what you think about tatting with silk. How does it compare to tatting with cotton?

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the silk. I love the sheen, the softness, the look. I hate that it snags on the rough patches on my fingers. I guess I need to soften up my hands... ooh! another excuse for avoiding housework!

    The silk is not as tight a twist as the cotton. So when I'm tatting larger rings, I have to watch the thread carefully and close the rings slowly. The twist does come undone with the larger rings. I don't think it's noticeable in the end. I just need to take a little more care. If you look closely, I think you can see that some of the rings look a little bumpier. I think those are the rings where I didn't pay as close attention.

    Yes, these are for the epoxy shuttles. Anne did not recommend silk in her directions, because it had not been tested. I volunteered to use some of my stash so that Chris could try it out. I mailed it off yesterday, so make sure you watch The Tatting Forums for updates!

  4. Boy, that pattern looks a great deal like the first pattern sent to me by Sue Hanson, to learn about tatting from diagrams (2007 ?? therebouts). I made earrings from the pattern and added beads.

    I, personally, love silk threads and of course since I can't DO any housework (even when I'd like to) I have very soft hands (those of a spoiled, pampered victorian woman. LOL . . but not by choice). Also, I found if I use the right size crochet hook for joins or a shuttle with a generous hook, I don't have any splitting problems. My only negative is that it tends to stretch a bit; but, of course, one can allow for that tendency. I have a great deal of Sherry's silks because I love the luscious colors. Planning on doing the sheep on the sheep doily (if I ever get that far) with her off white, creamy color ~ perfect for sheep and with a sheen.

    xx bj

  5. These look wonderful! I have had little time recently to pick up a shuttle, although I did get an inch or two done monitoring a study hall earlier this week. Sadly, by the end of the week I needed the study hall time to catch up on my gradebook.

  6. I love the silks and Sherry's colors are wonderful. There's definitely a difference in texture and tension between silk and cotton thread. Stumpy is such a fun bookmark.

  7. I bet these feel as beautiful as they look. Your tatting is so perfect. Happy tatting...


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