Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing with shapes and threads

I love shuttle-shaped motifs! Somehow, I never seem to tat them. This weekend, I had shuttle shapes on my mind and did a little surfing for some inspiration, and when I saw Anne Bruvold's "Sandra", I saw a tatting shuttle! With a little adaptation of Anne's beautiful pattern, I was able to tat a shuttle shape in one round without using split rings. I was very pleased with myself! I then decided to make the same motif without picots. I think the one with picots looks much better. The thread is Krystledawne's size 40 HDT.

Next, I decided to try Kersti Anear's "Stumpy" in size 80 DMC. I've played with size 80 before, but this is the first time I've completed something with it. I love the way it looks!

I still had some of Krystle's size 40 left (enough for two Stumpy motifs), so I decided to tweak the width of Stumpy by increasing the count on the center ring of the side clovers from 10 to 15. I think it looks okay, but I'm not sure that it makes that much difference.

Then, just because I love blue, I made two more Stumpy motifs using Lizbeth size 40, color #656. There's been a lot of discussion regarding Lizbeth threads lately. I guess I've been really lucky. I've had no trouble at all. The colors are wonderful, and easy for me to get. Handy Hands isn't too far away from me, so I usually get next day delivery when I place an order. Yesterday, Dave and I stopped at Hobby Lobby, and I picked up two balls on clearance. I think Hobby Lobby must automatically put stock on their clearance rack once it's been in the store for a certain amount of time. The two balls I picked up were $2.56 off, and the two colors I bought were available for full price. I guess it pays to shop the clearance rack!

So, what will I do with all these shuttle-shaped motifs? I'm sending them off to Chris Hinton so that he can play with a new shuttle idea. You'll have to head on over to The Tatting Forums to read all about it. Look for Chris's post on spilling the beans!


  1. Your motifs look great! I know you like the look of the #80. but did you enjoy using it?

    I started tatting using fine thread and now seem to enjoy #40 and #20 as I have a lot of it. I hardly ever tat in the small stuff now and have come to enjoy the larger threads.

    I'll have to try the #80 again, after this post makes me curious!
    Fox : )

    ps I LOVE the look of those new shuttles. They are fabulous!

  2. Don't forget Jane Eb has a shuttle shape also on her site! I really like the shuttle shapes, also. I think there are a few in some of the books I have from the UK designers.

    I mostly tat with 40 and 50; but, think I'll be trying 80 again ~ AFTER I get around to getting new glasses. I've waited too long to get them before I do to CA…everything in NM (at least where I live) is slower than molasses in January.

    Great shuttle shapes! You are so productive!

    xxx bj

  3. Diane, your motifs are great. You have been busy! I like the shuttle shapes too. I tatted one for a name tag, you can probably adapt the pattern to forget the little letters. Here's the link. http://home.pacbell.net/jlowe2/kathy/Pattern/shuttletag.html

    I use Lizbeth thread all the time. I've never had any trouble with it. I'm not sure I will ever be ready for size 80!

  4. I love the AnneB motif the best, but that's just me. I also like the Krystledawn thread. I can't wait to get one of Chris's tatted tatting shuttles!

  5. I love the comparisons - but I'm still chicken to try size 80 thread. I, too, like the Lizbeth thread and haven't had trouble with it.

    I love Chris' new shuttles - very cool idea! I will keep my eye out for shuttle shaped motifs . . .

  6. Your all motifs have lovely colors!!
    And someday I will make too stumpy.
    Enjoy tatting!!


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