Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In the pink!

I read Frivole's post about her newly named Victorian Trellis Doily, and I really had the urge to try tatting it... especially after watching her new video! However, after looking at the instructions, I have decided that I don't have enough brain power left at the end of a school day to concentrate on that beauty. I think it will have to wait until school is out for the summer, or until someone diagrams the pattern so that I don't have to think so much!

I really wanted to work on something pretty, so I returned to my favorite tatting author, Mary Konior.

This is Hen and Chick edging in size 70 Coats & Clark. It's so pretty and delicate! It may become a hanky edging, or it may be just a length of lace saved for a future project. Time will tell!

Last night I worked some more on my Spinning Wheel in Tatskool's Raspberry Sorbet... yum!


  1. Your tatting is amazing. That Rasberry Sorbet is delicious. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts and they tat!

  2. Piiink!!!! I LOVE pink! Maybe I should do more "Pinkaholic"!! Yes, it is officially on my to-do list. lol Thank you for the unintentional color suggestion. (yes, a true pinkaholic would see these as color suggestion if not even a demand for more pink lol)
    I love your tatting as well!

  3. that is a pretty edging, different then the vintage Hen and Chicks edge.
    I like the pretty pink Spinning Wheel. I agree as to the mental gymnastics needed for the wordy vintage patterns in the book. Although, once you figure out the first repeat in each row, it isn't too difficult. I have worked parts of the doily that Frivole calls Trellis.

  4. Hmm like Mary konior too...your hen and chics are so beautiful tatted in this thread...you will find time for the trellis doily...
    Happy day Gunhild

  5. Diagramming the Victorian Trellis Doily? Is that a challenge? I agree with you that reading old patterns can be rather laborious....

    Pretty pink, I like the edging!

  6. Both look lovely, I am sure the top one will look brilliant on a hanky. I can understand how you felt about trying something new after a hard day, I seem to have lost my mojo and don't feel like picking up my tatting now I am home.

  7. Mary Konior's Hen & Chicks is an inspiration reeling off your shuttles. It is so delicate and PRETTY!

    Around this stage of Spinning Wheel Glass Mat (between spokes 3 and 4) I always think it looks like angel wings. An extremely happy thought, especially in scrumptious Raspberry Sorbet!

  8. Just popped in to see what you've been up to lately. I enjoy your shuttles as much as I enjoy seeing your tatting. Happy tatting.


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