Saturday, January 12, 2013

I went to Hobby Lobby...

and look at what I found!

I really, really, really needed some more shuttles and thread winders. ;-)

I was so surprised to see these, I snapped them up right away. There were two of each, so I stopped by Denise's and gave her a set. She really, really, really need some more shuttles and thread winders, too!

Have you started tatting from Jan Stawasz's new book, Tatted Treasures, yet? What was the first design that caught your eye? I fell in love with this beautiful cross. I started it last night, and finished it this afternoon.

The thread is size 20 HDT, Spring Grass from Marilee Rockley aka Yarnplayer. This is the same thread I used for Aidan's Seahorse Dragon. I love the blend of greens!


  1. It might be a good thing there isn't a Hobby Lobby around here :)

    That cross did catch my eye - very pretty! And I like that blend of greens too.

  2. Beautiful tatting!

    I will have stop at Hobby Lobby on Monday to see if they are in Merrillville + / or Michigan City. how fun.

  3. That is a beautiful cross! I went to Hobby Lobby this week also. I was amazed by how much tatting stuff they had and how nice it was. Used to just see a couple of metal shuttles and some ecru thread. I haven't been tatting lately, but I couldn't resist a ball of thread in muted tones. I put a shuttle in my purse after I got home. Thread, shuttle... just gotta find a pattern.

    :) Ann

  4. But of course you needed new shuttles! - and isn't it good you found them, because now you will never need any more......

    I'm still waiting for my book to reach Australia - it's on a very slow boat, it seems.

  5. Oh wow, I love those shuttles!
    The cross is lovely, it seems like an interesting book.

  6. I love the thread winders but they appear small against the shuttles. I wonder houw much thread can be loaded on it.

    Yarnplayers always come out tops in the HDTs colour range - but I working to reduce my stash right now. Maybe later, when I have run out of colours, :)

  7. What nice shuttles and winders! I have NO physical shops at all where I can buy tatting supplies so I have to do it all online.

    And I really like your cross! It caught my eye too and I started it the night before last but then realised too late that I'd missed one chain and it was all crooked. I didn't feel like cutting and repairing so I thought I'd start all over again. But I've not got around to it yet. Your version is beautiful though, and I like the thread too.

  8. Sadly I have no craft shops realitively close to me, or maybe that is a good thing for my wallet :-)

    Beautiful Cross!

    I don't have Jan's book, but the cross looks like it was a good pattern to do. I may need to invest in that book. Are there many other smaller type projects in it?

  9. Hi Diane
    I love those shuttles!
    Your tatting is always so interesing!

  10. oh ! beautiful love the shuttle

  11. Your cross is beautiful. I am going to have to order that book this afternoon.
    I found the same items in Hobby Lobby too, but only purchased the bone shuttle that trip. It was perfect timing to try it out with the TIAS. It is nice to tat with, but the tips are very tight. I have to open the tips with my fingernail to slide the thread through. I am hoping they will loosen up a tad after use. Please let me know how the wooden one's tips are.

  12. I was so happy (thrilled, actually!) that our local Hobby Lobby had the Aerlit shuttle (but only one)! Finally I could test it out, and I am very pleased with it! Haven't seen the shuttles you bought, however. Our local store has some 20 and 80 Lizbeth, but not 40. Wonder why. I'm just glad that Hobby Lobby has a very good display of tatted items, far surpassing the other stores!

    This pretty cross pattern really seems a natural for a round doodad!

  13. The book is on my wish list, too much happening at the moment I have put on my blog about what happen this weekend, have not started the TiAS but I will catch up with you all when I can.
    Lovely cross,

  14. I love Jan's first book and have tatted so much from it. Need to order this second one now. The cross is different, but so are most of his patterns. Guess that is what I like most about his designs.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh, my, I'm going to have to stop by Hobby Lobby with the gift card I rec'd for Christmas and see if they've sent beautiful tatting shuttles to New Mexico!


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