Monday, January 14, 2013


I really like Doily XVIII in Jan Stawasz's new book, Tatted Treasures.

The first round looks okay. I'm not quite sure what I did at the top, but I figure the funky look will disappear in the next round.

I'm not really good at looking at directions. If I had looked at the schema, I probably would have skipped trying this doily... it has split rings! However, I decided to be brave and forge on. After all, Carol aka Lelia showed me how to do split rings easily. Now, if I could only remember what she taught me!

Now, I'm stuck. Not only does this pattern have split rings, it has split rings with picots. I managed to do the first half of the split ring just fine, but I couldn't get the second half. I tried three times, watched four videos, and then I took out what I had of a split ring.

I think I'm going to practice split rings all by themselves, and then I'll come back to this doily. I don't have the brain power to practice split rings tonight, so...

I'm returning to my comfort tat... Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.

Silly me! I must have saved Sunday's post instead of publishing it! So, now it's Monday's post! :-)


  1. Looks like you were off to a good start!! :)
    I do ok with split rings with picots, but the picots are hard for me to get done on the side that isn't tatted regular so I understand!
    Enjoy your glass mat tatting!!! :)

  2. I love the swirly effect. Ingenious! I hope you get the hang of split rings and its picots. I enjoy them so I am wishing you the same joy to tatting split rings!

  3. Good luck with the split rings. Judith Smith, a tatting teacher in Bulawayo, showed me how to do them, thankfully, because the library book that described them as doing a ring 'upside down and back to front' had me completely baffled!

  4. The pattern looks great, good luck with the split rings, I have been learning how to do them.

  5. Do you happen to have a copy of Tatting Hearts by Teri Dusenbury? She has a tutorial (with pictures) on split rings. I learned them from this book in 1998 - they were the easiest to understand directions I'd ever seen! They really are not hard to do.

  6. You always come back to Spinning Wheels, don't you?

    I love the "spinning" look of that first round of Jan's doily, too. I hope you can get back to it with renewed spirits for the split rings... I don't hae any recommendation of instruction source, but maybe you can do a simple split ring bracelet, or Janemac's bookmark (at the right sideboards on her blog: to practice them...

  7. Good luck on the split rings. They are easy, wish I was closer and could give you a hand.
    that doily will be interesting when you have had a chance to get back to it.
    more spinning wheels, good for you to have a comfort tat.

  8. There is a pattern in the OCCHI book that I want to try. It looks small enough for an attempt.

    I'm not great with split chains - but, am going to attempt with the TIAS

  9. Your tatting looks fine to me....and I also just LOVE the Spinning Wheel pattern!!!


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