Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tatting with Jan Stawasz

I managed to sneak in a little extra tatting time today, and since I've ordered Jan Stawasz's new book, I figured I should probably tat something from the first book!

I'm not overly fond of front side/back side tatting. I get lost, confused, and frustrated. Still, I decided to give it a go today. Yes, there are mistakes, but at least I tried. Now if I could only figure out how to consistently focus with my camera!

Now for the details...

Pattern ~ sample for Jan's Method
Book ~ Tatting theory and patterns by Jan Stawasz
Thread ~ size 40 Lizbeth, Cranberry Bush #181
Finished size ~ 3" long
Special tools ~
Penguin shuttle from Margaret Wall (purchased on eBay)
Holly shuttle from "'im in the garage" (sold in Jane Eborall's Etsy shop)
crochet hook from Grizzly Mountain Arts
picot gauge from Georgia Seitz


  1. Looks good! Is J.S.'s "method" different than others'? Cranberry bush looks very nice...

  2. I think Jan does the most fantastic work. Not sure all the 'method' is strictly necessary though. Good luck with that!

  3. Lovely design, I have not tried any of his patterns so far I have not been able to get any of his books, but the new one is one my wish list.
    Lovely colour well done

  4. Even though the picture's not very clear, the flower looks great. He has many flowers in his new book and I've been meaning to make one. You've inspired me.

  5. Diane, your tatting is as neat as ever. I love the flower. I want to buy J.S's book when Handy Hands starts selling it. I always wanted the first book....

  6. Your flower looks great, Diane. I've not tatted any of Jan's patterns yet, but maybe one day.....

  7. Looks nice! I'm waiting on that new book as well. What do you think of Jan's "method"? I've seen comments elsewhere that Jan's method isn't an absolute necessity when tatting his patterns. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  8. The FS/BS tatting is really important to some people. For me, after the first stitch, who can tell? Plus, I rarely mount anything, so it will always be viewed on each side -- so a bit of both for each!
    Your flower is lovely! FS or BS, both are pretty, I'm sure. ;-)

  9. You did a wonderful job! Love Jan's work (his method confuses me too, even though I have a basic understanding of FS/BS theory).

    When you ordered his second book did you encounter issues with the PayPal fees? I haven't yet ordered a copy because of the potential hassell in being "charged" for extra fees after the initial payment goes through.

    I didn't understand why we have to calculate the extra fees ourselves?

    Anyway! Your thoughts are appreciated.


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