Monday, May 13, 2013

Jury duty tatting

I had jury duty today, and it was uneventful. I arrived at 8:30, went to lunch at 11:00, reported back at 1:30, and went home at 1:45. Luckily, I brought some tatting supplies along!

I almost completed a cross in size 80 Majestic. As you can see, I was undecided as to which color to use, so I took three with me. 

I visited with a very nice woman during the morning session, who asked about my progress a few times. She seemed interested, but not enough to learn how to tat. She told me that her passion is machine embroidery, something I did for a while, but I quickly lost interest.

Right before we were dismissed in the afternoon, two women asked me what I was doing, and I showed them my progress on the cross. I think that if we had stayed for another half hour, I just might have had two new tatting students!

Look what arrived in the mail today! My dear friend Beedeebabee read my post about The Workbasket cross, and she found this copy for me on eBay! Thank you, Paulette! As soon as I finish the two crosses I have in progress, I'm going to tat this one!

I thought it might be fun to find out how many tatted cross patterns were published in The Workbasket. I found this database online, and if I counted correctly, I found 14 tatted cross patterns published between 1951 and 1989. Wouldn't it be fun to find all of those patterns and tat them? Here are the issues I have listed...

March 1951
March 1953
January 1954
April 1955 (I have this one. Thanks, Patti!)
October 1957
December 1958 (I have this one. Thanks, Beedeebabee!)
June 1963
January 1972
February 1973
December 1977
November/December 1983
March 1986
February 1987
March 1989

Carol will be bringing some Workbasket cross patterns to Tollway Tatters on Saturday. They've been torn out of the original magazines, but maybe with a little detective work, we can figure out which issues they're from. 

Do you have any of these issues lying around? I'd love to see pictures of the various crosses!


  1. I'm glad those are size 80 balls. I was starting to think that your shuttle was huge! :o)

  2. I went through my Work Basket stash and I have the October 1957 issue. I will e-mail you a pictures of the pages in a few here.

  3. I likely have many if not most of them. They are stored away. I will have to see if I can get at them. maybe tomorrow.

  4. Sent them off...this project of yours interests me as I am pretty sure that these are some of the cross patterns that Grandma tatted and I have looked through to find those specifically as I've acquired my copies of the workbaskets. The only other that I have other than the Oct 57 issue, with a cross, is the December 1958 issue that you already have.

  5. Sounds like a cool project. I will check my issues to see if I have any.

  6. Lovely cross, nice to have something you can take with you and relax while waiting for jury duty.
    Nice project to try and collect them all,I look forward to seeing how you get on.

  7. I love seeing anything you tat, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the crosses done...and you're so very welcome, Diane! xo

  8. That cross looks beautiful!! :)

  9. Gosh - memories of my own jury duty stint - while waiting to be picked or not - back in 1991(?) , when I tatted a long piece of edging from Ann Orr's Classic patterns. As I was tatting, I realized that five of the points could be turned into a star (my first ornament), and just one 'point' could be a little tree, which became my Christmas tree pin The long piece of lace (finished later) is on a black sweater vest. However, no one ever wondered what I was doing!

    Sure wish I had saved more Workbaskets than I did. I have only about five total, but none on your list.

    Have a agreat time on Saturday!


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