Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lace-lovers to the rescue!

Thanks to some wonderful tatting friends and sleuths, I now have the pattern I've been looking for! I feel so lucky that I received so many responses regarding the cross pattern. I'm pretty sure that the original bookmark I received was from this issue of The Workbasket, because it was given to me in 1967 or 1968, too early for the Rebecca Jones book or the Becky Dempsey version.

Thank you, Patti! This is the April 1955 issue, and the pattern I've been looking for is right there on page 6!

Lucky me, I also have the December 1958 issue on its way to me! That's the issue I was originally looking for, but I have found that the cross in that issue is slightly different. I'm really going to have fun tatting both of these pretty patterns this summer. Now to get my tassel skills up to snuff!


  1. congratulations Diane, what fun to find the things you are looking for.

  2. Blogland is so friendly with loving and generous like-minded souls. Happy Tatting Creative Hearts...

  3. Love it! I tat this cross a lot - I also like several of Mary Konior's.

    What does the cross in the 1958 Workbasket look like?

  4. That is a lovely cross pattern, and well done getting the original booklet.
    I look forward to seeing your crosses and what the differences are between them.
    I learnt to do tussues by Rachel on intatters she has a video on YouTube how to make them, she makes them look so easy.

  5. Now I'm looking forward to seeing lots of these crosses, in every colour........

  6. It's on it's merry way to you right now!!! xoxo


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