Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learning to blog on my phone

My Internet is down again! This is becoming very frustrating. I wonder if it's the rabbits again?

I received another new shuttle this week, this time from LadyShuttleMaker. I do adore her ceramic shuttles! I try to buy one special shuttle each year. Who am I kidding? I have more than 40 ceramic shuttles, and I only "met" Sherry six and a half years ago!

I have more to write about, but since I've never blogged via phone before, I think I'll stop here and see how it posts. Wish me luck!


  1. Posted very well!!!! Lovely shuttle too.

  2. It works doesn't it...I did find that I had to go into the settings on the blogger app and pic a larger picture size so that it could be enlarged by readers for oggling purposes. It looks like yours is doing the same...I can't enlarge enough to get a good look at your pretty shuttle :-)


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