Saturday, May 4, 2013

One fantastic week!

Despite being laid low by a stomach bug on Tuesday, this has been a fabulous week!

Play practice began on Monday, and although I didn't need to be there, I attended Middle School Drama Camp and participated in learning the dance routine... for as long as I was able. Oh, my goodness! I knew I was out of shape, but this is ridiculous! I'm going to have to do some training in the coming week so that I'm prepared for learning the dance routine I have to know! It was suggested that we practice jogging in place while singing "One" from A Chorus Line so that we're prepared for the finale. Are you kidding me? The thought of jogging in place makes my knees and ankles ache. I've been trying to learn the lyrics, and my tongue gets all tangled around the words. What if they kick me out of the play? Can I get by with lip syncing? I'm the old lady in the cast, so hopefully the director (daughter Carol) will cut me a little slack. ;-)

The best part of the week was receiving a new tatting shuttle to beta test for Dave Stanbrough at Grizzly Mountain Arts!

It is awesome! Do you see the little handle attached to the top? It's to help with the winding process.

Can you see the deep slits? It does take a little longer to wind this shuttle because of the deep slits, but the shuttle is so smooth, I don't find it to be a problem. Winding shuttles is very therapeutic for me. If you're addicted to winding quickly, this shuttle may not be for you. I forgot to measure the thread as I was winding, but I do know it holds much more than a small Clover. I'll try to remember to measure the next time I wind it.

This is the hole where the handle screws in. While tatting, I put my thumb over this hole. I found that it helps me keep my grip.

The top is nice and smooth. I do love the feel of wood when I'm tatting. What are your thoughts on a shuttle like this? I'd love to give Dave some feedback from tatters. Would you be interested in a shuttle like this?

Dave told me in his email that he will probably never be able to make typical post shuttles again because of problems with his fingers and hands. However, he misses making shuttles, and he thinks he'll be able to make some of these as well as some of his flat shuttles with no problems.

You can always visit Grizzly Mountain Arts to see what Dave has available, but beware... I'm an avid fan of his shuttles, spindles, and picot gauges, so if I see them first, you may not have the opportunity to buy one!

So, what did I make with this new shuttle?

Another Pineapple Parfait cross! I'm kind of addicted to this pattern now that I have it memorized. The Pineapple Parfait was sitting right next to my chair, and I just couldn't resist using this yummy color again.

Fox the Enabler got me into trouble again. We tend to do that to each other! She emailed me about a book that was being discussed on InTatters, and she wondered if I was familiar with it. I quickly searched for the book, watched the YouTube video, and decided that the book was not for me. There's nothing wrong with the book. In fact, it's wonderful! I just thought about all the books I have that are, as of now, unused... meaning I haven't tatted anything from them.

I did find the book on Etsy for about half the price I had seen it in other places. I sent Fox the information, and she also decided to pass on it for now. Then, one day I received an email from Etsy indicating that I had an item in my cart that needed to be paid for... oops! I didn't realize I had put it in my cart! Or if I did, I thought I had completed the purchase... I'm afraid the old brain just isn't what it used to be. Anyway, I figured that I needed to pay for the book because the seller had been waiting for payment.

It arrived this week, and there are some wonderful designs! One aspect that I find very interesting is the use of color, so different from what I would ordinarily choose. However, when I think of the bright colors in Ukrainian costumes and the gorgeously decorated Easter eggs, the color choices make sense. I'm very happy to add this book to my collection!

I chose the name Lace-lovin' Librarian for a reason... I am fascinated by all kinds of lace! I am always excited to receive my lace issue of PieceWork magazine, but this year's issue is especially wonderful. Can you see what attracted me on the cover? "Discover a Master Tatter"...five full pages devoted to Lily Mae Burley Patrick! I'd have to look through my past issues, but I do believe this is the most extensive article devoted to tatting in any issue I've ever read in PieceWork! I highly recommend checking out this issue!

After tatting "Sonnenschein," I knew I had to have Happy Occhi. I can't believe it arrived so quickly! If I counted correctly, there are 25 patterns in this book... fabulous!

I managed to finish all my laundry last night, so I think I'll take a little time to tat today. :-)


  1. I love that shuttle - and yes, I would certainly buy one. I'm afraid that by the time I came to tatting, Dave was only rarely making tatting shuttles and I was never quick enough to get one. Would love to have one for my 'collection'. I love the heavier feel of more wood - not sure why, perhaps because I'm used to knitting and that's a heavier hobby in many ways.

    I have been looking for both piecework and knitting traditions in the book store. Unfortunately, since Borders and most of the independent books stores are now gone and Barnes and Noble is all that is left, book stores aren't what they used to be. Without competition, Barnes and Noble has gone so far downhill that the only option left is the internet . . . so very sad. I guess it's time to subscribe to piecework and give up and pay over $5 for postage on what is already a pricey magazine for the knitting traditions.

  2. Those shuttles look good and a handle to help winding, great idea.
    Another book, happy ochi looks interesting but my wish list to too long to add another one for a while, I am still saving up for Jan's book.

    I want to tat the peacock, thread is brought but I don't seem to find the time at the moment, too much going on and with a regular order for toys each month, I am going into overload, hopefully no more snowflakes needed like last week.

    I look forward to seeing what you tat from your new books.
    Beautiful cross, live the colour.

  3. The Happy Occhi has several designs that fit well around the square "do-dads" from Fire Mountain Gems.

  4. I'm sure I'd like to use that shuttle too. In fact a shuttle like that may take me away from the Aero/Aerlit ones for a while or even forever.
    The two books look great. Off to see if I can find one in Etsy too.

  5. Love those bright and sunny crosses!! :)
    Can't wait to see what beautiful items come from those books!! :)

  6. This is one fantastic post! A lot of info packed in here! I'm getting a chuckle out if your dance rehearsals! I know I don't have the stamina I used to have! Sounds like fun, though! I'm so impressed with your daughter's talent and devotion to young people.

    I am also impressed with the shuttle, although I'm partial to the bobbin shuttles. The winder is quite unique though.

    Thanks for the heads-up on Piecework. I'll definitely look for it!

    And another pretty cross!

  7. Beautiful crosses! That colorway is one of my favorites! Your new shuttle is gorgeous! How exciting to get new books!

  8. I'd be head over heels to have a shuttle made by Dave. I don't recall seeing his flat shuttles.

    I think his picot gauge/ruler set w/case is out of this world beautiful. It is my treasure!!!

    I panicked when I thought one of the gauge pieces went missing a couple days. I try to be so careful; however, when I take off my glasses to better see the tatting, my tools tend to scatter!!!!

    I do have one wooden shuttle that i have tatted with. It does have a wonderful feel in hand. i don't know about the winding / handle feature --- I'd be more interested in the shuttle than a handle.

    But, you know, if Dave makes it, I'll stand in line to get one!!!

  9. Barnes and Noble didn't have the lace issue when I last visited. Will look again this week. I should have checked with the local yarn store - I have picked up issues there in the past.


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