Monday, March 2, 2015

The best laid plans...

I had my day planned out...

  • Work on headbands until 9 a.m. - check
  • Wash sheets and make beds - check
  • Clean kitchen - check

  • Work on Renulek doily until lunch time - check
  • Go looking at cars - check
Dave called right around lunch time to tell me he was ready to go looking at cars. Looking at cars takes an awfully long time, but we hardly ever get to do anything fun together, and looking at cars can be lots of fun... especially when you come home with one!

Now I'm exhausted, and the bed is looking awfully good. Good night, all!


  1. Good when all goes to plan! I have a list of things to do today, I hope I'll be able to check them off as you've done.

  2. It's a good day when plans go right, hope you have another good day tomorrow

  3. Lots of pretty things!!! :)
    Sounds like a busy day!! :)

  4. Have a new car? That's grand news for you. Can't wait to see if my crafter friend able to source out a supplier for those headbands. They look so nice.


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