Sunday, March 8, 2015

An afternoon with Jan

...Stawasz, that is!

Dave and I were supposed to attend granddaughter Eva's concert with the Elgin Children's Chorus this afternoon, but Dave forgot to change the clock at work and he got home too late for us to attend. So, while we missed the concert, I had some unplanned down time that I could use for tatting.

I'm amazed that I'm now 3/4 of the way around!

Early this morning, I finished the back side of the shuttles for the kids. I think they turned out really cute. I think I have about a dozen dedicated tatters this year, mostly third graders, although I do have a few second graders who just won't wait for third grade!

The headbands just keep multiplying! 


  1. Wow , time well spent, though a shame you missed Eva's concert. In this part of the world we don't put the clocks back or forward. I was in UK in October when the clocks changed, there was a note on my bed in the b and b to remind me to change the time. I imagine there are muddles for a few days.

  2. Too bad about missing the concert - they should know better than to schedule such things right after the time change! Time put to good use, though, that doily is looking wonderful. The kids are keeping you busy with shuttles and headbands - that's wonderful, too!

  3. I hate that time change thing, one of our bloggers suggested to change clock on saturday and I did then but I miss it every other time.
    like the work completed any way:)

  4. Your doily is so stunning!!! :)
    And I love all the fun colors in the shuttles and headbands!!! :)

  5. Shame you missed the concert but you used the time well with tatting some more of the mat. It's looking lovely.
    Gorgeous headbands and lovely shuttles,


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