Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 55th birthday, and I have decided to celebrate by starting something new... my first blog! What's up with the name? I love lace... I knit, crochet, and tat. I also love to read... mysteries, ghost stories, craft books, cook books, and children's books. Just a note... I read more than I do, so I plan on using this blog as my personal inspiration to complete projects.

I'm also a collector! I have way too much fabric, yarn, thread, books, and knit/crochet/tatting tools. I feel the need to justify my collections, so I'll try to share my collections when appropriate.

There are some very special people I want to thank for inspiring me to begin this endeavor... Mom, thank you for teaching me that part of learning is making mistakes, and mistakes can be fun! Dave, thank you for putting up with all my clutter these past 26 years, and for building spaces for all my stuff! Alison, Andrea, Carol, and Joanne (my daughters), thank you laughing with me and teasing me about my obsessions. Denise, thank you for being such an inspirational friend... your "flights of fancy" have kept me on my toes! Sherry, thank you for "hinting" that I should start a blog!

There won't be much more today... I have to wait for Joanne to get back from Minnesota to help me with pictures!

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