Sunday, June 17, 2007

Patricia Kristoffersen Doilies

I love Patricia Kristoffersen's designs! I own most of her patterns, but have made very few. So, I have set a goal for myself to work my way through her Leisure Arts Leaflet 2966 - Mini Masterpieces: 30 Little Doilies. I've completed #1-9, but when I was blocking #8 I found that I'd made a total mess of the pattern. So, I've started #8 over again! I'm about half way through, but I've had a terrible mental block... I think old age is setting in! I can no longer follow patterns while watching t.v! The good news is that I'm learning to relax and listen to the sounds of birds in the garden... along with the traffic on the road!

Joanne is due home tonight, so maybe I'll figure out how to post pictures!


  1. You stumped me. I don't know Diana Anda's work or Paula Kristofferson's book...but am going to look. I visited the other sites. I love their work! WOW! Have you ever tried David Reed Smith's shuttles. Great ones

  2. Yes, I have several of David Reed Smith's shuttles... they're wonderful! I see that he now personalizes them... so I guess I'll have to order more!


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