Monday, September 24, 2007

A little bit of "Honesty"

It must be my Scottish blood... I just can't get rid of that little bit of thread left on the shuttle. So, I tatted a little bit of "Honesty" from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior, page 40, size 20 Flora.

The circular piece is "Posy" from page 93 of the same book, using the same thread. This one definitely has a right and wrong side because of a thread that carries across the back to join each section of the motif. I really like the effect with the variegated thread!

I've completed one full pattern repeat of "Stella alpina" from Iris Niebach's Tatting Fantasia. I've had Iris's book for quite a while, but felt intimidated because of the size of each piece. Arlene (see link on right side) has been a great inspiration to me, meaning that I looked at the patterns even more carefully than before... ha! ha! ha! Then I received an e-mail from Iris! She told me that she thought I could tat one of her pieces and that her first book had some simple doilies. So, a few nights ago, I pulled out the book, an already wound shuttle, and got to work. What can I say other than I love the way this pattern goes together! Now that I have one full pattern repeat finished, I'm really getting into a rhythm!


  1. Do you have any particular plans for all these motifs?

  2. No... I just keep tatting! I'm still trying to find the perfect motif for Eva's tooth fairy pillow. My problem is, I like them all! Is it too much to give her a new pillow for each tooth? Do I just keep making them and hope that I have 42 grandchildren? Will Aidan want a tooth fairy pillow with tatted lace on it? Will Lily want a Grandma-made tooth fairy pillow? Maybe we could all collaborate and write a tatting soap opera... As the World Tats!

  3. Diane,
    thank you for the encouragement. I think I made that bunny 5 times before I had one that was acceptable. BTW I work in a library, but without that MLS. I'm at the Univ. of Nebr. at Omaha -- Serials processing and cataloging.

    Your lace is fantastic, and so are your pictures. I'm hoping to get some time very soon to really go through your blog and enjoy the lace you have made.


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