Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mission accomplished!

It only took about an hour, and now all my threads are hidden. My little motif stash looks much neater, and each piece looks finished! I usually hide my ends as I go along when I'm knitting or crocheting, so it won't be a big deal to do the same with my tatting.

I've played a little with my scanner to try and get rid of the streaking. I've put a piece of white fabric between my tattings and the lid. I've also tried a piece of white paper. Obviously I haven't hit on just the right thing to make a nice clear scan. Now that I'm at school when the outdoor light is good, I just can't get a picture that I like! I'm going to visit Alison and Dan this weekend. They're computer geniuses... maybe they can help me out!


  1. The motifs are beautiful. I especially like the three on the bottom. Wish I could help you with the scanner, but I don't have one. Try getting good pictures with a camera! What a mess.

  2. The resolution looks good, but I don't know why there is streaking either. We won't judge you by your photographs. Good tatting speaks for itself!

  3. Leave the scanner lid open so that the background is black/darker OR you need to manipulate the scanner so that it scans differently. My guess is that there is not enough light from the scanning light. You need to adjust the brightness setting. Scanning is an acquired art form! I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro version 8 to manipulate my scans. Those are scans of my lace not photographs. Plus, scan in the largest format available as you can always crop later. Larger is better where scans are concerned. More DPI. My two cents...

  4. Thank you, Teri! I'm glad to have a starting point. I'll try and play around with it this weekend to see what results I get.

  5. These motifs look great!
    About scanning, the solution would depend on what type of scanner you have. I have a Lexmark 3-in-1 and some of the things people have told me to do, like leave the lid off, etc., just won't work with mine. What I've done is put a sheet of quilt batting behind my tatting and scan with the lid in place. Then I send the scan into the photo adjusting software to lighten and crop it.
    Maybe your family computer geniuses can come up with the answers!

  6. Diane,
    Your motifs look great. Let us know what your scanning solution is please. I'm having the same problem with my scans.

  7. Love these! I like your colorplay too. Keep going!
    :-) Gina


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