Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tatting collection gone wild!

I recently upgraded the operating system on my Mac laptop to Leopard. Are there any other Mac users out there? Any way... Mom suggested I try Bento, database software developed for Macs running Leopard. I downloaded the trial version on Saturday, and I'm in love with it! I've already inventoried my tatting books... at least the ones that are in order on the shelf! I'm going to add pictures (a wonderful option in Bento). The plan is to catalog all my books, tatting and otherwise, and at the same time sort through to see which ones I don't want any more and in the process tame my collections. I haven't decided to eliminate anything so far!

As I was inventorying my books, I realized that I haven't tatted any patterns from many of these books. Besides my collection of tatting books, I have quite a collection of shuttles and thread. So, I'm setting a challenge for myself... tat one pattern from each book, using a shuttle and thread that haven't been used before. I figure, if I leave a little thread on each shuttle, I will know that I have used it.

My first entry: "Basic Cross" from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Lyn Morton; shuttle by Diana Andra (available through Lacemaker); thread by Yarnplayer (Marilee Rockley) - "Golden Glow", size 20.


  1. I don't have a mac, but I understand they really are the better computer especially for multimedial projects. I have an alphabetized bibliography of all my tatting books with cover pictures just so I don't buy 2 when I got to lace shows...lol.
    Good for you for getting it orgazined in a more readable manner. That's a lot of work, but will be well worth it.

  2. Wow, that is quite a challenge you have set for yourself! Looking forward to seeing the photos of what you make with all the different threads and patterns. Sounds like a treat!

  3. What a wonderful and inspiring goal! Much looking forward to your future posts!

  4. Me,me,me...I have Leopard..isn't it just the best OS ever?

    Had a look at Bento, what do you get in the trial version and in what way are you going to file your books? It's a lot of work..the more info you put in the more you get out but how will you use it?
    I know of Filemaker but have never used a database.

    Love the idea of your tatting adventure.

  5. Very beautiful! I am so impressed with your Mom's computer skills! I sure wish I had bought a MacBook when I bought my new laptop. Our next computers WILL be Macs! :)

  6. heheheh...I guess a librarian would do that. I would love to do the same with mine but it will probably just stay in my head. My sister was amazed one time when she called me from a used book store to see if I had some tatting books she had round. I knew of every one she mentioned and could tell her what I didn't have! I would like to sort mine out though - many of the older publications were reprints of even older publications and I really don't need multiple copies. I've even considered getting rid of my Workbasket collection at some point but I do more than tat and they have so many other crafts in them.

    I have books I haven't tatted from and LOTS of shuttles I haven't tatted with. I'm kind of stuck in my way with using the clover shuttles now but I've tried every "style" of shuttle.

  7. ~~raising hand~~

    ME ME! I have Mac OS Leopard and I LOVE IT! Never was a PC user even tho I know how to work one. ONLY Mac for me. But then I work in the multimedia industry with Adobe CS3 and do graphics works. Will have to check out this Bento program. I have a lot of books myself(not like many do) but never bothered to catalog them. I am afraid it would scare me. I feel it is like Christmas when I go to my shelves to find a project and forget that i have a certain book. ;)

  8. Tatting Patterns by Lynn Morton has so many beautiful patterns in the book. I don't have the book, but my Mom does. I will have to borrow it. Your cross it lovely, especially in the Golden Glow thread. I bought some of Marilee's Golden Fleece thread to make a pear. I will post the picture tomorrow on my blog.

    What a great goal and idea to challenge yourself to tat one pattern for all your books. I am also impressed with your organization too. I think I will pull out all my books and publications too and make a list. It just makes sense. Who knows what I might find thats been hiding or lost since 1989 when I began tatting. Thanks for the great ideas!

  9. I used a Mac when I was working and prefer it to the PC, but I don't have a Mac at home.

    Have a wonderful 'trip' with each of your shuttle and thread and don't forget a picture at each 'stop'.

  10. Hi Diane,

    I am with FileMaker's PR firm, DBT Communications and we are super interested in your use of Bento. Is there any way I could reach you by email?

    All the best,
    Stacy Williams

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  12. Hello Diane,

    I write Bento user profiles for the FileMaker website and I'm interested in speaking with you about how you use Bento to organize your tatting books and projects. Please email me directly if you're interested in speaking. dustindriver at gmail dot com or dustin at dustindriver dot com.




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