Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beatrice - Spring Green

Have I told you that Beatrice is one of my favorite Iris Niebach patterns? I don't know how many of these I've made, but I never get tired of Beatrice. This one is in Lizbeth Spring Green from Handy Hands. There is one mistake where I forgot to join, but as my friend Shirlee would say... it's good enough for who it's for... me!

Maybe I should block it now...


  1. It's lovely Diane! I ordered this color too. I haven't used it yet though.

  2. Yeah I made like a dozen mistakes on mine too. :-) It's cool to see how using a varigated or solid thread changes the way you look at that pattern

  3. Oh, it looks so lovely in this bright color!

  4. It is beautiful Diane. That color gives me spring fever!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful coloir, i dod hope we are going to get that thread here on the other side of the pond....the tatting is not bad either!!
    You are Queen Beatrice!

  6. Diane, This is Beautiful!! I've got to get one of Iris' books. I've also got to try the new Lizbeth tread.


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