Sunday, March 29, 2009

I guess I got carried away...

but I sure had fun! Here's a picture of my new purchases from the Lafayette Lacers Lace Day...

I really am going to try bobbin lace on my own, so I needed a little inspiration... a book that I've been reading about for a few weeks, plus one on making bobbin lace fans! I had to have the fan book... I bought the fan sticks in birdseye maple! I also had to have some beautiful bobbins. There's nothing more inspirational than beautiful tools!

You'd think I didn't have any thread at home... wrong! I just couldn't resist buying more Lizbeth... the 15 colors I had just weren't enough! It doesn't hurt to have a little extra Olympus, Majestic, or Presencia lying around the house either! I was thrilled to find some Oliver Twist. I've been reading about it on other people's blogs, and it is beautiful thread!

I believe I already have the Romanian Point Lace book, but this one is a different edition than the one I have. Besides, I'm not real sure where my copy is hiding! The tatting book is one I'd been thinking of buying, and when I found out it was out of print... sold!

Did I really need any more shuttles? No! But, I always like to have some Sew-Mates and Clovers on hand. You never know when an opportunity might arise for teaching tatting to a newbie!

I have a good excuse for playing today... it's snowing! I'll be sure to post pictures of what I make with my new treasures!


  1. Wow, I can see you had a great time. Those are beautiful playthings. I can never have enough of threads. Been wanting to try Lizbeth but have not ordered any yet.

    Have fun playing.

  2. ok, thats some serious lace shopping, I like the bobbins :-) have fun and I look forward to seeing your progress

  3. Oh goody goody... these are so lovely! There can never be enough at all.

    Waiting to see you hand at bobbin as well... is it difficult?

  4. Looks like fun to me!!! Have fun lacing! Love the new threads and shuttles, too! :)

  5. I've been kicking myself all weekend for not being able to go! Looks like it was a blast. I had to content myself with an online buying spree...

  6. I have to say no you can never have enough thread! I also want to try bobbin lace, but my husband said I had to give up a hobbie to start another one- I kind of take over(literally) when I do something! Looks like you are going to have some fun! Let us all know how Lizbeth thread does.

  7. Wow! Looks like you and your sister can get in big trouble together. I can tell you had a great time. Hope you are having fun playing with your new goodies.

  8. This looks like you had so much fun! I'll look forward to seeing your bobbin lace now, too.
    BTW there's going to be a Lace Day sponsored by L.A.C.E. (Lacemaker's and Collector's Exchange)at Downer's Grove, Illinois on June 13 - another opportunity for a field trip, maybe?

  9. Oh, I'm so glad you got to join in on the fun again. It looks like you scored with all the vendors.

  10. You got some really cool purchases. And the Bobbinlace book you got is a REALLY good one to learn from! So clear and good starting patterns. Just let me know if you run into a snag and need some help. I am just an email or chat away. :)
    Glad to read about all the fun everyone had.

  11. my hands were itching to try bobbin lace but am not sure i can learn it on my own. i just bought a felting book, some needles and merino wool online last weekend and have started playing with the stuff. oh, we have so much to try our hands at but so little time... LOL now that i see your new bobbins and books, that itch is coming back again... tell me how fun it is, diane.

  12. Thank you all for visiting my blog! I did have a wonderful time!

    Mark, I may take you up on the offer of help if I get stuck. I always appreciate helpful comments!

    Marilee, I'll plan on seeing you in Downers Grove!


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