Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation...

Remember those wonderful back-to-school essays? Believe it or not, children still write about their summer vacations when they return to school in August/September. Luckily, teachers have become much more creative with the starter sentences!

I managed to knit one dish cloth... I really need to finish some more... mine are getting pretty ragged looking!

I finished my Coral Reef Spinning Wheel, and put it in its drawer.

My sister bought this chest for me last year as a birthday present. Whatever its original purpose, we both thought it made an excellent display case for shuttles. We lined each drawer with felt, and I decided that tatted doilies would be perfect for showing off the shuttles. Most, but not all, of the drawers now sport Spinning Wheel glass mats!

I read The Canterbury Papers by Judith Koll Healey. I love historical fiction! I get a feel for the time period, and I find fictional accounts to be much more interesting than the history classes I took in high school and college! This was an easy read, and thank goodness, it was missing the steamy scenes that leave nothing to the imagination!

We visited Superior Shores Resort, where Joanne and Jan will be married August 15, 2010. It's a beautiful, restful spot.

After checking out the resort, we headed up to Gooseberry Falls. Joanne would love to have her wedding pictures taken there, but we're not sure how practical that would be! On the way back, we stopped at Betty's Pies for a treat to take to Andrea's the next day. That pie makes me want to learn how to be a pie maker! We also stopped at a wonderful little yarn shop, Playing With Yarn. Of course, we had to buy yarn, needles, hooks, and patterns!

We drove to the top of the hill in Duluth to get a view of the bay... fascinating!

On Sunday, we drove to visit Andrea and her family at their fishing cabin in Wisconsin.

Ella had her first piece of watermelon,

...and Lily showed off her swimming skills!

We're hoping to take Alison, Eva, and Aidan to Fairoaks Dairy Farm this week. Dan won't be able to go with us... poor guy has to work! I'll be getting together with my study partner this week to finalize our last class, and then I'll be free to do as I please! I'm thinking I'd better get in an straighten up the sewing room... it's a mess!


  1. Wow, Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer so far! The scenery pictures makes me wish I was visiting too. Great waterfall. You must have had a very nice visit with family too!

    What a nice chest for your tatting supplies. Do you really have a spinning Wheel in each drawer? No wonder you were making so many of them. That's awesome!!

    Love the Coral Reef colors!

    Have a great day!

  2. What a great summer vacation! I especially like the "Ella and the watermelon" pic.

  3. Looks like you're having a wonderful summer! Gooseberry Falls looks beautiful - is that near Duluth, MN?
    That's a beautiful display case with what must be a museum-quality collection - would love to peek inside all those drawers, LOL.

  4. "SPENT"??? Why is it past tense? Is it over already! You just started it, LOL! I must be getting old, LOL! Time seems to go by faster the older I get.

  5. Hello. I linked to your blog from Pat Winter's. I know a woman who wants to give her bobbin lace supplies away. She received all of the supplies from a friend in England years and years ago, and has no ability to work with it. Would you be interested? No one in my Fiber Arts group has any use for it.

    Let me know. Margaret (


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