Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Secrets of the shuttle chest...

Okay, Marilee and Carol. You two have been wanting to know all the secrets of the chest, so here they are! Please don't be deceived... this does not represent my entire shuttle collection! If I ever stop tatting, I'll be able to put all my shuttles in one place and count how many I have... who am I kidding? ; )

Aero shuttles, both English and German, as well as an Aero wannabe - lots of extra bobbins!
Large wooden shuttle from Handy Hands
Plastic (?) shuttle won on eBay
Tatting is the Daffodil Doily minus the last round from Learn to Tat by Janette Baker

Peter Cua shuttles
Spinning Wheel glass mat

From top - flat shuttle from Mielke Fibers
4 Diana Andra shuttles, center shuttle from eBay auction
Fish shuttle from Georgia Seitz
3 shuttles from eBay auction (csickler ?)
3 David Reed Smith shuttles
Spinning Wheel glass mat

Ceramic shuttles from Sherry Pence, LadyShuttleMaker
Spinning Wheel glass mat

Ceramic shuttles from Sherry Pence, LadyShuttleMaker
Daffodil Doily from Learn to Tat by Janette Baker

Ceramic shuttles from Sherry Pence, LadyShuttleMaker
Spinning Wheel glass mat
Note: lower left is the original "Diane" shuttle, named for me!

Shuttles and thread winders from Chris Hinton at The Shuttle Shop
Outer row of Daffodil Doily from Learn to Tat by Janette Baker, attached to hemstitched round

3 shuttles for Beanile tatting by Nina Libin
3 shuttles won on eBay
2 SewMate shuttles
3 Jan Stawasz shuttles
Spinning Wheel glass mat

2 Shuttle Brothers shuttles - double shuttle was a gift from my friend Denise, carved from a tree from her yard!
3 Silent Tatters from Roseground in England
Lots of extra bobbins for both the Shuttle Brothers shuttles and the Silent Tatters
3 Noreen Crone-Findlay shuttles
2 hand-crafted wood shuttles from England - I've forgotten the name of the woodworker, but I believe he has passed away. These shuttles either came from Roseground or Lyn Morton Designs in England. If you are familiar with these shuttles, please let me know who made them!


  1. You have the most incredible shuttle collection. I must spread this news to other bloggers who tat. WOW!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today :-)

  2. I love your shuttle collection. I have always wanted to learn to tat however have not done so as of yet. Your collection of shuttles and beautiful doilies inspire me. Thank you for sharing your cabinet of treasures with us. And thank you Pat Winter for blogging the link to us.

  3. Your shuttle box and collection is beautiful! What a neat way to display them all :)


  4. WOW - I thought I'd got a lot of shuttles but now I'm beginning to wonder!!!! I think it'd be a close call if there was a competition!!!!

  5. WOW! I love the display! You have them beautifully organized. That chest is incredible! Did hubby make it for you? Where on earth did you get that?

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful chest with the rest of us! :)

    (You must be Sherry's BEST customer, LOL!)

  6. That is amazing! Everything is so neat and organized! Very nice!

  7. Diane, I'm just blown away at your collection. I just saw your other post showing the display case your Dad made, which I thought was awesome too, but now too see all this too. I am speechless. How do you decide what shuttle you want to tat with? What a wonderful collection!! Thank you for photographing and sharing! Hugs, Carol

  8. Wow!!! What a beautiful collection...I don't know what any of it does, but in your hands, amazing lace is created! The case your dad made for you is gorgeous, just perfect for your treasures! :o) Paulette

  9. Hi DIane,
    I can't get over your shuttle collection... Took many years I bet...
    I am learning to tat. I can do a bit of needle tatting but I haven't mastered the shuttle yet. The ONE!! I do have is a metal one with a bobbin in the centre. I find it too heavy and struggle with it.
    I will get a lighter weight one when I can find one and hopefully I will catch on!! I thought tatting would be a nice compliment to crazy quilting..
    Anyway... thanks so much for sharing this marvelous collection.

  10. P.S. Now I know what all those lovely Spinning Wheel Glass Mats were for...Good job. Just the right size for your chest! Lovely.

  11. Holy cow my head is going to explode! I love it it! Can I come over and play! Your collection is outstanding!


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