Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a month!

I can't believe how busy I've been for the past month! Where has the time gone? Back-to-school activities headed up the list. I'm still not where I like to be in terms of organization, but the kids have all been great, so my lack of organization hasn't been a problem. I would like to give up one or two committees, but what would I do with my free time? ; )

Sept. 5 was Erich and Yvette's wedding. We had such a wonderful time! My niece Phoebe, nephew Erich, and daughter Carol were all born the same year, 3 months apart. Erich is the first of the three to get married. We all think Yvette and her family are wonderful! Isn't that a great way to start a marriage?

There were so many photos to choose from! Left to right: my sister Janet, my mom Nancy, my brother David, and me. Our sister Lisa is in Italy and could not attend the wedding. She missed a great time! Mom spent the week before the wedding with Janet, and the week after with me. I think she was pretty tired by the time she headed home to Alabama!

I did manage to finish the brown socks. The right one turned out great, but the left one... hmmm... I'm not sure what I did, but the toe came out looking like a pencil point. I gave the socks to Mom, but I'm feeling pretty guilty about giving her a pencil point toe sock. I may just have to knit another pair for her and take the messed up ones back!

I started another pair of socks in self-striping yarn. The leg looks awfully skinny, but when I put my hand through, it looks okay. I may have to give this pair to one of my daughters with skinnier legs than mine!

Sunday, I finally found some time to tat! My sewing room is a disaster right now... Mom offered to help me organize it, but somehow we ran out of time! Because the sewing room is such a mess, I had to do a little cleaning in order to find my tatting supplies! You think I jest? Hah! Mom is my witness! Carol too! It's so bad, Carol set up an ironing board in her bedroom... mine can't be found for all the clutter! Anyway... I've started a piece for another coaster from Tatting Lace, one of my Japanese books. The Japanese books are very expensive, but the designs are so very beautiful! I'm very proud of the fact that when I looked at the chart for this piece, I knew I needed two shuttles to make it work. Believe me, I wouldn't have figured that out a year ago! The pattern is very simple and pretty. I hope to have it finished this week... time will tell!


  1. The wedding pictures are lovely. Congratulations and best wishes to the lucky couple. I love those socks! I just have to learn one day. I tried by myself, but it was awful! Glad you found your tatting. Tell Mom I said hello.

  2. Yvette is a beautiful new addition to the family.
    I love the self striping yarn...I have never seen that before and your sock looks fantastic.

    LOL about not finding your ironing board...Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think it's a good thing.

  3. Great wedding pictures, it's good to have family together! Glad you found your tatting - mine's all over the living room (nobody can live there now). Congratulations on not being able to find your ironing board -- now if you can just lose the iron you'll be set!

  4. Wedding pics are gorgeous! I love the sock...hmmm repeat to oneself - no time to knit sox!!

    The next couple of months look like being crazy for me, so congrats on getting through :)

  5. Hi Diane -

    Beautiful wedding photos! Your dress is lovely - gorgeous shade of blue! You look cheerful and non-stressed, in spite of being so busy!

    How nice that your mom is active and can travel. I laughed about your sewing room and the ironing board. Not only my craft room but a good part of the house is in a state of upheaval as we try to sort and de-clutter. Amazing that decluttering causes more clutter!

    I always enjoye knitting with the self-striping yarns. The trick is knowing where to start the yarn for the second sock, if you want identical ones!

  6. Congratulations! Fox : )

    p.s. I can NEVER get to the second sock, since I traded the dp for the ds!

  7. You all look fab in the photos, thanks for showing. Glad you all had such a good time. Love the stripey sock.

  8. Your photos are just lovely.

    I adore your socks, I wouldn't think of using that yarn HOWEVER, I certainly would now,the colourway is just gorgeous!

    You actually inspire me to do more tatting. Keep up the great work.

  9. Congratulations! So much to celebrate, including being the first Mondo Monday winner! Wickedtats and Trayna join you in the prize-winner's circle, so give each other a big group hug!


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