Monday, January 25, 2010

Addicted! shuttles, hand-dyed thread, and tatting patterns. It's a blessing and a curse! I just can't help myself. When I see a new shuttle posted by Grizzly Mountain Arts, I just have to bid on it! I feel so lucky to have won this spalted maple shuttle. If I would only take the time to learn about my camera, you might be able to get a glimpse of its true beauty! I know flat shuttles don't appeal to everyone, but I love them because they hold so much thread. Since I'm a slow tatter, it really doesn't bother me that I could be tatting faster with a different type of shuttle.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that when I find I pattern I really like, I'll tat it over and over again. I love this cross, Christina, from Tatted Bookmarks - cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn. Unfortunately, I had the need for another cross. A colleague's mother passed away Friday morning. I know that something as simple as a tatted bookmark can bring great comfort in a time of sorrow.

The thread is Yarnplayer's Forest, size 30. Yes, I am a hand-dyed thread addict. I have enough to last me a long, long time. Yet, when a new color calls to me, I answer. It looks like I'm going to get three crosses out of this one skein. I just may be able to keep one for myself!


  1. Beautiful thread and it really compliments the design.

    Lucky for me I am not partial to crosses, as I seem to copy every single pattern that you decide to tat over and over again! I am too busy to be caught up in another of your tangents, so it looks like I have a bit of a reprieve!

    aThis is a perfect and timely gift for your friend and is sure to bring some her/him consolation.

    Fox : )

  2. Yarnplayer has such beautiful colorways! Your crosses look lovely in them. I do recall seeing that lovely shuttle up for sale a little while ago. I haven't had the money to bid on their shuttles for some time now so I'm glad to see it went to a good home.
    Enjoy tatting with your new "toy"! :)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. I am completely ok with your hand dyed thread addiction. I in fact do not see it as a problem at all. Wink wink!

  4. I believe I may be addicted to the hand dyed threads as well. I am very impatiently waiting for an order from Tatskool, my first from her. I love yarnplayers threads and have order many skeins and still want tons more! Your crosses are beautiful.

  5. Love the hand dyed thread!!!! and the tatting looks great as well.

  6. This is beautiful. I'm sure your colleague will appreciate it.

  7. I just found your blog! I have never tried a flat shuttle before, it looks really interesting. I tat angels for my mom to give to people in need of consolation. Love your bookmarks. Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great day!

  8. Love your tatted cross. A very thoughtful gift.

    I do the very same thing. If I find a pattern I like I will tat it in several colours before I move on to the next pattern. It is easier that coming back to the pattern after several months.

    I had no luck with bidding for a Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttle. Would love to get one.

    Addicted to HDTs, oh yes!!

  9. hey diane, i would just love to share your addictions! i think it's any tatter's dream to have all the HDTs, tatting shuttles and patterns. lol

    great that u r having fun. love your choice of patterns!

  10. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thread, pattern, and your tatting, of course. If I weren't so far behind on tatting projects that are started, but not completed, I would jump right into this one. You have the same effect on me as you have on Fox, but she isn't as far behind as I am!

    Your colleague will love this. And hugs from another slow, but joyful tatter.

  11. Both your shuttle and cross are lovely, Diane. I'd love to get a Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttle but they always seem to go above my price range. And I'm a HDT addict also, so I can relate to you there too.

  12. It's beautiful! I love your new blog background too!




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