Sunday, January 3, 2010

T.I.A.S. ~ Bring it on, Jane!

I'm ready to join my first T.I.A.S.! My threads have been chosen (Lizbeth #117, #651, #623, size 20). My shuttles are wound. My task basket, made by daughter Alison as one of my Christmas presents, is set and ready to go.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for split rings, I'm ready to begin!


  1. The colours are lovely. You'll be very pleased with that choice!!!!!!
    You'll be very proficient in split rings by the time you've finished - promise!!!!!!

  2. I am excited about this TIAS too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes Alaska does have warmer weather than Illinois sometimes. Far north Alaska has the extreme temps, but hey there near the Artic Circle up there!
    I like your colors I'm going for the reds and white theme myself! Can't wait to start- like you I have it all together ready to go. I like your Christmas present too.

  3. I love the task basket. I'll have to get directions from Alison. Mom

  4. Good on you for doing this, you will have no problems at all.

    I wish I was good enough, one day if I keep practising.


  5. You are so organized with your lovely task basket - that is a neat idea! I wonder if it would help me keep my stuff together instead of all strung out? Love the colors you've chosen. As Jane thinks you'll be happy with them, it really makes you wonder just what she and brain cell #3 have in store??

  6. I love your title! I can't wait to see what Jane has planned for us this time.

  7. What a lovely task basket and a great idea too. All of my current work is on a felt-lined tray and even though most everything stays put, a basket is a much better idea! The colors you selected for the TIAS are pretty. I can't wait to see what it is.


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