Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I"m counting the days...

until school is out! Somehow, at the end of the school year I have so much going on that I can't seem to accomplish anything!

However, I did manage to finish Jon's Folded Bookmark. I love this pattern! So, why did it take me three tries to get going on it? Very simple... I didn't follow my normal routine of making a copy of the pattern and marking off each bit as I finished it. That method seems to be the best for me. When I'm tatting, I sometimes get lost in my thoughts instead of the pattern! At this time of year I think about what projects I want to do finish up the kids at school, or I think through some computer problem I'm having to try and come up with a solution. As a result, if I don't mark off what I've finished, I lose my place in the pattern! My eyes seem to zoom in on something, and that's where I start to tat... very frequently, I'm in the wrong spot!

School will be out June 1, my oldest daughter Alison's birthday. Should I celebrate by cleaning the house in anticipation of Mom's visit, or should I tat? Tough decision!

P.S. - The thread is size 20 Rainbow Sherbet HDT from LadyShuttleMaker. Why is my bookmark crooked? Don't tell Jon, but I messed up on the pattern! ; )


  1. Very beautiful bookmark!
    When we are distracted on tatting we make mistakes.

  2. Lovely bookmark. Go ahead and enjoy tatting and forget the housework. If it's clean enough for you to live in it's clean enough for Mom. She would understand 'cause she's been at that same crossroad in life! Relax and enjoy your time together. Karen

  3. Love the bookmark and the colour too! I did also start one but stuffed up big time. Oh by the way your giveaway was posted off Saturday just gone!!!!

  4. You certainly did NOT mess up the pattern! It looks great and the thread is very pretty.

    Of course, it is on my 'to-do list'. Sigh.
    Fox : )

  5. Your bookmark is quite lovely. Do you use tatted bookmarks for your reading pleasure? Or do you give them away?

  6. Go ahead and tat. I'll help you clean.

  7. I like your tip about making a copy. I also make a copy, put it in a plastic page cover and use a Vis-a-vie marker to mark on the plastic. I also use sticky notes to mark my place too. I can't tat if I'm distracted, I mess up all the time. Love the color and I'm going to have to try this bookmark.

  8. I think your bookmark looks lovely, and as any quilter knows a hot iron can help put things into shape so know one knows. I like your idea of marking of the pattern as you finish a part. I'm going to start implementing that in my own work!


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