Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a sign...

that the school year is winding down.

I started Iris Niebach's "Stella Alpina" yesterday. I think this was the first pattern of Iris's that I tatted, and I've made several. This time I chose Hakelgarn Nr. 20 in a lovely soft peach. I wonder who I'll give this one to?


  1. It's looking lovely already. I have to admit, I was admiring your Shuttle Shop Shuttles, I have a mix-matched pair myself. I'm afraid to use them because I've already been too rough with one and the side had cracked. I suppose one must be learn to be gentle with one's

  2. Very beautiful tatting work!
    I Love Iris Niebach's doilies.

  3. Your tatting shuttles are beautiful. They look handmade from wood. I see your wood pedestal made by your DH is working perfect for your photos.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Happy tatting...

  4. Just lov your shuttles and the doily looks lovely cant wait to se it finished!

  5. I have never seen shuttles that look as gorgeous as yours!

    Are they nice to tat with?

  6. The tatting is beautiful, Diane! Love, love your shuttles are wondering who to give the finished tatting to?....why ME, of course! ;)


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