Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tat 'n Chat

Somehow I lost the picture... must be that I'm a computer pro! ; )

This morning Michelle, Cindy, Dena, Teresa and I connected on ooVoo for some tatting and chatting. What fun! I learned how to make a single shuttle split ring!

Notice I said "a" single shuttle split ring... the top ring is a regular old ring. The second ring has a decorative loop. The third ring is only half a ring... somehow I lost the rest of it. The fourth ring is true single shuttle split ring... yea! With great confidence, I tatted a fifth single shuttle split ring. However, after I took the photo, I noticed that just like the second ring, it sports a decorative loop. I guess I need more practice!

It was a lot of fun! Thanks ladies! I really enjoyed spending time with you and learning a new technique. Now, if I could only find that picture...

There it is! Proof that we got together!


  1. Too much fun - we HAVE to do it again! It's not as good as meeting in person, but it was still a lot of fun!

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!! What fun!! Your rings look great too :)

  3. Formáis un grupo fantástico.Besos.

  4. Yay for your split ring - you'll be adding to it in no time. We definitely have to do that again, but next time we'll have to choose a quieter place on our end :)

    It was a challenge keeping all of our videos up and running - good thing you got proof!


  5. congratulations. How exciting to see how they come together, congratulations again and continue to create wonderful things tatting

  6. I've never heard of ooVoo. Looks like you had fun though.

  7. congrats Diane on the SSSR!!!

    looking good!

  8. I am sorry I missed you, I have a few problems with my mother in hosp and I did not see the e-mail
    I would have loved to have tatted with you all. It looks like you all had fun and lovely to see you.

  9. what fun! That single shuttle split ring is a challenge for me. I never quite get the spacing right. Usually have a mess on my hands, so use the 2 shuttle split ring.

    I picked up the Starlit shuttle + LizBeth Thread holder at yesterday's tatting day. (among other treasures). It was a wonderful day and I learned A LOT.

    photos to follow (soon)

  10. Neat! I've Skyped but ooVoo is new to me. Looks like it was a fun way to tat with friends.

  11. beautiful split ring I like it!

  12. I've never heard of this program before. I like how the internet brings us together.


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