Monday, March 4, 2013

I didn't spend much time tatting this weekend. My newest granddaughter is due the end of this month, and daughter Joanne requested flannel receiving blankets. Her wish is my command!

This is one of my favorite baby gifts. I buy a yard of flannel, trim off the selvedges, and round off the corners. Next, I put a wing needle in my sewing machine, and without thread I go around the blanket using basting stitch length. I like to use size 20 Cebelia for the single crochet, chain one edging. It's time consuming, but it makes a very nice blanket.

I did make a little progress with Doily VI from Tatted Treasures by Jan Stawasz.

I also spent a little time working on my Spinning Wheel in Teenybopper from Yarnplayer.

I recently ordered one of Jane Eborall's Wrap It Flip It Mark It bookmarks. I couldn't pass it up... it's blue! It arrived in the mail today, and I've already put it to use. Even though I love my Kindle, I still read plenty of hard cover and paperback books!

Look at what else was in the envelope...

one of Jane's button snowflakes! Thank you, Jane! I love it!

Last, but certainly not least, I received my two new custom-made shuttles from La Cossette today! I love using Starlit shuttles for hand-dyed thread. I can wind one skein CTM between the two shuttles and not have to cut and tie... very important for my Spinning Wheels!

I was fascinated when I read Frivole's post about her altered Starlits. I got up the nerve to ask her if she would consider making a pair for me, and she said yes! The purple is Florantique, and the green is Lace-lovin'. I especially love the green one... it goes with a shuttle that was sent as a gift from a friend in Pineville, North Carolina this past summer. 

Don't they go well together? I can hardly wait to start another Spinning Wheel!


  1. very nice shuttles. and how can you say you didn't do much tatting?
    Those type of blankets are very handy my mother has made them for all her grand and great-grand children just the same way, only her edging is a double crochet shell.

  2. awesome projects in the works! do show off your baby blanket when it's done. i think we have different ones here so i'm very curious to see what you make. :) must be exciting having another grandbaby. enjoy.

  3. I love your doily VI, it is beautiful! How do I get a copy of the book, is it sold online?
    I really like your other doily, I made that one a while ago, and can't figure out who I gave it to!

  4. Every single thing you have shown is lovely and fun in its own right, but I am particularly enamored with your version on the doily VI...beautiful pattern and that thread couldn't be prettier!

  5. Great tip for making holes round the blanket, thanks! Your blog looks so colourful today.

  6. beautiful blankets! And so many. Love the tatting too.

  7. What a great idea for the receiving blankets! They look great. And I love that Teenybopper HDT! I have some I'm saving for a special project. As always, your tatting is so pretty.

  8. Your receiving blankets are wonderful I'd never have thought to do them - esp with the edge! What a comfy feeling for the bundle of joy (to be).

    Your tatting is awesome. The latte color doily is so interesting. And the spinning wheel gorgeour - I really have to try it one day.

    Aw, Jane is a tatting rock star - look how lovely her tatting, and in blue!

    The green is "lace lovin'" How KEWL.

  9. Lovely baby blankets, they will keep her baby warm and cosy.
    Your doily's are looking good, i have lost count how many spinning wheels you have tatted but they always look lovely whatever colour you use.
    Great present from Jane and beautiful shuttles.

  10. Beautiful blankets!!
    Great looking doily!!
    Love the glass mat!!
    Oooh, blue bookmark!!
    Love the button snowflake-actually trying to get to work on one of those today. :)
    Have an awesome day!! :)

  11. I love those receiving blankets - I make the holes for a crochet edge using my wing needle also. Can't wait to make these things for my own grandies someday :)

    Your doily looks great!

  12. You must never sleep ... do you have any energy to spare?


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