Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Queen-sized Clover ~ a review

 In my last post, Sharren asked about the Queen-sized Clovers. So, here is my review!

From left to right you see my altered Starlit shuttle from La Cossette, the new Queen-sized shuttle from Clover, and the regular sized shuttle from Clover. Although the Queen-sized Clover is 3" long, it does not feel as big in my hand as the Starlit.

You can see that the Starlit has a much deeper space for thread. The Queen-sized Clover holds twice as much thread as the regular Clover. The Starlit shuttle holds twice as much thread as the Queen-sized Clover. I can wind a full skein of hand-dyed thread on a Starlit. The Queen-sized Clover will only hold half a skein. So, if you're looking for a shuttle that will hold more thread, this could be the answer for you.

I have long been a fan of the pick tip on the Clover. No, it's not a hook, but I do pretty well with it. I find the pick tip on the Starlit to be way too long and useless for the way I tat. I do like La Cossette's adaptation with the hook embedded in the end where the pick tip used to reside. I don't mind the size of the Starlit, but I have read that many of you find it to be way to big for your hand. I totally understand. However, the Starlit was a great improvement for me over the Tatsy, which I still use for big projects.

I think the price of the Queen-sized Clovers is ridiculously high. However, I love the color, the feel, and the pick tip, so I didn't mind indulging this time. Will I buy more? Probably... if they come out with more colors! ;-)


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your review with us. I'm not too fond of the Starlit shuttles, but maybe i'll have to try the new Clover! Have a lovely evening!

  2. Thanks very much for your shuttle comparison. I've been thinking about buying a big shuttle, but smaller than a Tatsy - I think I'll try the Starlit next.

  3. Thanks for the review--very helpful. I agree it's pricey.

  4. This is very helpful, thank you! I was thinking of getting a modified starlit for a project I want to try with some very fine yarn. What do you think? Or just use my tatsy?

  5. Good to have a first-hand review. I'd love a set, but when I asked about postage....it was $34.
    Oh well.
    I'm working with fully-loaded Sew Mates at present, tatting a wedding edging, and the points are so incredibly sharp that I am being stabbed all the time, and they catch on the thread. So it's slow going.

  6. What about compared to the Lacis Sew Mate? That's the bigger one I usually use if I need bigger than the clover but I still find it too big for comfort.

  7. Interesting post, I can't get on with shuttles that have picks or hooks, they stick into my hand. I prefer the ones without any hooks or picks, Nice to see them altogether to compare the sizing.

  8. Thank you for the comparison, Diane - it's exactly what I wanted to know! I'm going to have to get a pair now!

    Maureen, I had the same problem with the Sew-Mates - I used an emery board to blunt the sides and tip of the points just enough so I don't draw blood when I poke my hand.

  9. more colors .... reduction in price ....


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