Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blogging slug

Yup, that's what I'm becoming! The days have been going so quickly, that before I know it, it's time for bed and I haven't blogged. That doesn't mean I haven't been tatting!

Maria, The Knackful Kniiter, and I have been emailing back and forth about Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns. Maria had this idea to use green for the chains and floral colors for the rings. Why didn't I think of that? Any way, we decided to try it out to see what we could come up with. I got the jump on Maria, because I had the colors I wanted to use on hand. There are definite benefits to having a thread stash!

I also had the advantage of nine hours in the car, driving to Minnesota! I used size 20 Lizbeth, #684 Leaf Green Medium for the chains, and #171 Green Coral Sea for the rings. I love the way it turned out! Thanks for the challenge, Maria!

We made a quick trip to Minnesota, up Friday and back Sunday, to pick up daughter Joanne and our newest granddaughter Sophia. They'll be visiting for two weeks... lots of fun for me! While we were visiting with daughter Andrea on Saturday, granddaughter Ella asked me if I would "knit [her] some tatting." What's a grandma to do?

Ella wanted the same Green Coral Sea for the chains, and she chose #119 Jelly Bean for the rings. I'm not sure I would have chosen that color combination, but I'm not four years old! ;-)

In typical four-year-old fashion, Ella asked me about every 15 minutes if I was finished knitting her tatting yet. When she tired of asking, she told me I could mail it to her. That I will do!


  1. Glad you're back! I prefer your color choices and the effect is great!
    Trip to MN , eh?

  2. Beautiful! Still wishing I could "knit" some tatting!

  3. The first one looks awesome!! :)
    And the second one looks great too!! It seems the color combination goes pretty good together. :)

  4. Love the pink and green!

    Mailing is the better option!

    Fox : ))

  5. Enjoy your daughter and granddaughters' visit. The spinningwheel mat looks fantastic in those colours! Actually I do like Ella's choice of colours too. It'll be exciting for her to get it in the post.

  6. I LOVE your color choices....even Ella's!
    Thank you for always encouraging me to pick up my tatting.
    Hugs, Maria

  7. Love it. Just shows that you can keep on re-inventing the wheel.

  8. I like your colour combinations, not sure about green and jelly bean but it looking very pretty. I expect she chose the colour because of the name jelly bean. I like your knit tatting, does she want your shuttles to work so fast they burst into flames.
    Hope she loves her mat

  9. I had the same ideal last April (http://phyls-handwork.blogspot.com/2013/04/glass-mat.html). The only questionable spots was when I had to change direction with chains - used the shoelace trick. Just curious if you did the same or used a different technique?

  10. I see you're using big shuttles. I'm trying that now on the same pattern. But what will happen when I get to the end, where I have to put the shuttle through the work?

  11. I love that you can KNIT your tatting. How cute! I really like the green chains. Glad you came to visit - wish we could have connected, but WOW that was a short trip . . .

  12. Jelly Bean is perfect for a four year old. Your tatting is so beautiful. Now if only I could focus and learn how to "Knit some Tatting". Thank you for your comforting comment.

  13. Both spinning mats are beautiful. The first one looks just like a meadow of wild flowers in bloom! As for the second one - I would not have chosen to put those colors together, but somehow they work!


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