Thursday, December 21, 2017

A gift from the North Pole!

As I posted before, this week is incredibly busy, so I'm sure you can imagine how excited I get from packages in the mail!

I love these little boxes that look like books...

but even more exciting is what can be found inside! Isn't this shuttle gorgeous? I don't think it shows well in the picture, but the background is mother of pearl. I love anything related to the sea, and lighthouses are among my favorite designs. Thank you for another beautiful shuttle, Rita!

Yes, I did receive a tree shuttle last week. That one was one of Rita Richmond's shuttles. This one is a Moonlit shuttle that she decorated. The Moonlit shuttles are great for traveling... I don't have to worry about dropping my crochet hook!

My friend Denise ordered a reindeer shuttle for herself. When she showed it to me, I just had to order another. Yes, I said another. Last year I ordered a blue one and a red one. They're just so cute, I couldn't resist! I also ordered one of Rita's new chocolate shuttles... yum! This looks good enough to eat!

Last week, Denise and I exchanged Christmas presents. Denise is so clever in coming up with themes, and this year she focused on books. As I said, I love these book boxes!

There were lots of goodies inside!

Denise loves making thread pickers, and I love using them! Well, I don't like picking out double stitches, but I do enjoy having pretty pickers to use!

Denise also has made several of these beautiful Ice Drops designed by Nicola Bowersox, based on Wally Sosa's 2015 Birthday Motif. This one is definitely on my to-do list!

My biggest surprise was one of Rita's shuttles that Denise special ordered. Denise loves pink, and I love blue. So, Denise commissioned Rita to design "Friends" shuttles for us. Yes, Denise did receive Rita shuttles from me, but not ones inspired by my ideas. Luckily, Denise loved the shuttles I gave her!

I finished the Christmas stockings about an hour ago. Now I really need to concentrate on my sister-in-law's mantle runner. I'm not sure I can finish in time, but I'm sure going to try! 


  1. Awesome shuttles!!! :)
    Such fabulous stockings!!! :)

  2. It fascinates me your obsession with shuttles!!!! I think I'm odd as to me they're just a tool and I have little interest in them apart from whether they work or not!!!! Keep it up, dear Diane. You bring a spark of joy into my life. Love your blog.

    1. Ha! It fascinates me, also! Yes, they are just a tool, and I sometimes wonder why I keep collecting them. I guess I just like pretty things, and they don't take up much space... it's the cases that I keep them in that are big!

  3. Oh my gosh! You get more done in one day than I do in a week - and then you blog about it too! You know you’re an inspiration, right? Wonderful shuttles ❤️ Merry Christmas! 🎄

    1. Haha! Yes, but I am retired and you are working full time! Merry Christmas!

  4. Really wow shuttles! In lovely boxes too.

  5. I'm retired and there is still no way I can keep up with you! I marveled at how much you accomplished when you were working, so this doesn't surprise me at all. I am inspired, though, and enjoy seeing all the different crafts you make.

    Those stockings are beautifully done (love the piping), and apparently you've made several over the years. You seem to have it down to a science. The tree skirts are cute also.

    You definitely should get an award for creating the Ice Drop phenomenon!

    And I'm sure you hold the world's record for shuttle ownership. It's a tribute to all the artisans out there, and it's so nice to see them showcased here. I do wish I knew who developed the Aero Made in England bobbin shuttles because they were an engineering marvel and we took them for granted!

    From videos I've seen, those book boxes are a lot of work to create! Very nice gift idea!

    1. I always enjoy reading your comments, Kathy! Whether on my blog or another, you always have such thoughtful replies. I'll bet you're a wonderful conversationalist! I, on the other hand, have very little to say. I guess that's part of what makes blogging so much fun!

      I have made quite a few stockings over the years, and it's something I really enjoy. Tree skirts are new to me this year, and I have plans to make more. With all the trees we have in the house, I think they will come in handy. Then when we decide to give the trees away, there might just be a special little something to dress them up!

      I'm not sure if I hold the record for shuttle ownership or not. I wonder if there's a Guinness World Record for that? ;-) I just can't resist the little beauties that I find!

      Now you've inspired me... I must look up videos about book boxes!

      Merry Christmas!

  6. So much fun reading how happy those shuttles make you! Tat on, dear Diane.


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