Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The count

Once again, the day seemed to get away from me. I was off running errands before 8, and I managed to get home by about 10:30. I have more errands to run tomorrow. How did I manage all this when I was working full time?

After running errands, I organized all of my goodies for Christmas in the Village. After pulling out the Ice Drops I just couldn't bear to part with, I have a total of 200 to offer shoppers!

Despite my morning activities, I managed to tat two Ice Drops.

They're slightly different, just a change in the number of picots. It felt good to get my daily dose of Ice Drops!


  1. I hope they'll be snapped up by those shoppers!

  2. Let us know what favorites colors were snaped up first, and if you liked the same ones best too. I am always amazed at what people picked first when I give them a choice. Lots of times they suprize me.❄💟❄


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