Friday, June 22, 2018

Test tatting for Wally

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am test tatting patterns for Wally Sosa. Her new ebook will be released in July, and a print version will be available in August. I love the title of the book, Itty Bitty Zoo. There are eight adorable little Ice Drop animals in the book.

Sophia's current favorite colors are purple and pink, so she wanted a purple owl. I wish I had tatted this little guy in two colors as Wally did. I also think that if the main color had been brown, he would have looked much more like an owl!

My first kitty was a failure. I got distracted by the grandkids, and left off the face! I also learned from Wally that I was putting the gems in backwards. With these patterns, the gem is inserted flat side up. That way, the critters look much more like Wally's when they're finished.

Late last night (9 o'clock is late for me), I finished the kitty correctly. Isn't she adorable? I think I'll retat the owl with brown as the main color and the glass gem inserted correctly. Now that I have the kitty pattern down, I'll retat her with longer whiskers!

Wally does both needle and shuttle tatting, and these little critters are tatted in size 10 thread. I've had several requests for patterns that use size 10 thread, but I've never tried coming up with a stitch count since the thickest thread I like to work with is size 20. Wally also encases her gems differently than I do. It's always fun to learn a different way of accomplishing something!

You can follow Wally on Facebook to learn more about her patterns, or you can visit her Etsy shop to adopt one of her little critters. Wally also has a web site.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the book and the pattern,
    Lovely owl and kitty she is so cute

  2. Your owl is perfect for a young girl!! ;)
    And your kitty is so cute!! :)


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