Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Another shade of pink

I've ordered another skein of Pink Quartz from Patons. I managed to knit 5 mitts out of one skein. What does one do with 5 mitts? 

While I'm waiting for it to arrive, I've started with another shade of pink from Alpaca Warehouse, Antique Rose. This is an 15% Alpaca, 85% Acrylic blend. It's much denser than the Paton's wool.

I found some dot journals when I was dusting, and decided it might be fun to keep track of what I'm knitting. My friend Denise keeps journals of what she's made. My journal for the past 15 years has been my blog.

This morning I discovered that I started at the back of the book instead of the front. How do I know? The pages don't turn easily! 


  1. What a good idea keeping a journal but I prefer the blog for keeping track - just like you, Diane.

  2. I keep photos of everything i make as a record, and I have my blog too for most of it.

  3. I’d forgotten how lovely it was to keep track of everyone’s blogs. When I couldn’t tat any more I lost complete interest! Thank goodness my Parkinson’s medication has given me back most of my dexterity so that I can get back to crafting.


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