Saturday, March 9, 2024

Round 10


This is a busy weekend for us. The high school drama club is performing the musical Catch Me If You Can. Dave and I attended last night, and we will be attending tonight's performance as well. It was nice to have a simple round to follow.

My long-time tatting friend, Stephanie, emailed me about mistake she saw in round 9. I'm so glad she did. It just so happened that the mistake was the motif just below where my next ring was to attach. I was able to cut out the mistake and finish the motif very quickly. 

The next round is one that will need my full attention. I'm going to be sure and follow the pattern row-by-row and not think that I have the pattern memorized!


  1. Looking good. Phew, glad you caught that mistake, with Stephanie’s help. Years ago I made a mistake on a Spring doily that eventually meant I had to give up on it.

  2. Looking good, I am glad your friend saw your mistake that would have been hard to put right latter on.

  3. That looks great. Glad you caught the error.


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