Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lessons learned...

...and there were several! First, it's a good thing I'm the only one who will be inspecting this piece carefully! There are at least three places where the stitches are twisted, and I didn't go back to fix them. My mother is right... a blind man on a galloping horse in the middle of the night will never know the difference!

I should have listened to Georgia Seitz! I bought the CD about tatting. I've watched it several times. But somehow, I missed out on a very important lesson until the last two rings of this glass mat... count twice, close once. If I had heeded this excellent advice, I probably could have made two Spinning Wheel glass mats in the time it took me to finish this one!

Wonderful thread is inspirational! Thank you so much Marilee (a.k.a. Yarnplayer) for your gorgeous thread! I love the way the color flows, and I think the hand-dying helps give the thread extra body.

Picots need to be consistent! As I was blocking this last night, I had difficulty finding four picots... they were too small! From now on, I will take the time to fix picots that are too small or too large.

Overall, I am very pleased with the final product. I think a tea cup from Sherry Pence (a.ka. MadMadPotter, LadyShuttleMaker) displayed on this glass mat would be beautiful! Hmmm... green or blue?


  1. Mistake or not, I think this is lovely.

  2. Hee hee, thanks for the plug. From my point of view this looks wonderful!

    I hope school is going well so far and that you bring up a whole new generation of tatters.

    Your last mini bowl came out of the kiln this morning. I'll send you pics today.

  3. No one is going to inspect your stitches, they're just going to see a really beautiful doily. You have been added to the 25 Motif Challenge and I'll include your blog in the next update.

  4. Thank you all! I'm feeling really good right now... nothing like compliments to make your day!

  5. The doily is beautiful and I haven't seen a galloping horse in ages! It must be my age, but I'm not nearly as inclined to pull out and fix something that won't be noticed.

  6. I couldn't see any mistakes either. Looks great! We are all our own worse critics and no one on a flying horse will notice. That is what my mom would say but I think she meant what your mom said. For the longest time I was looking for the flying horse!

  7. You're right, you are the only one who will be inspecting it carefully -- everyone else will be going, "Wow!!!"

    Thanks a heap for using and mentioning my hand dyed thread. You have done such a wonderful piece with it!


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