Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back online

I can't believe that I haven't had Internet access at home for a whole week! We've had such horrible thunder storms with menacing lightning over the past week, that I just unplugged everything! We lost our t.v., VCR, and phone a few weeks ago, so I wasn't taking any chances. I do have access at school, but I was so busy the first week back that I just had time to take a quick peek at some of my favorite blogs and post a few comments. Then when we finally got a break in the weather yesterday, Dave decided to start re-roofing the house. Of course he had to take down the satellite dish for the Internet, but he put it back up a few minutes ago, and as you can tell, everything's working fine again. Besides the computer being down, I don't think I've had a shuttle in my hand for a week either! Things should settle down by midweek... I can't wait to tat again!


  1. Thanks! I can't believe how much I missed using my computer. The t.v. I can live without... I usually have the CD player blasting! But, oh how I've missed corresponding with my tatting friends!


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