Sunday, August 19, 2007

Twirly skirt... and socks!

My oldest daughter Alison found a tutorial for making twirly skirts at She and Eva went fabric shopping and chose this beautiful fabric... of course Grandma Diane felt the need to make lace-edged socks to match! Alison made the skirt yesterday morning, and Eva thanked her for it all day long! One sock down, one to go!

Denise's friend Rosa just returned from Mexico and brought some la Perla cotton by Omega, which Denise kindly shared with me! The color is beautiful (Azul Plumbago), and it is so soft! Each skein is 278 yards... any ideas on what I should make?


  1. Hello! I've picked your idea as the winner! Just e-mail me your address and I'll have it sent out to you ASAP--contact information is on my blog.

  2. Very cute skirt and very cute grandaughter and the socks will be a wonderful addition to this ensemble.

  3. You can just tell how happy she is with her skirt. I'm sure the socks will make her even happier!


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