Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy birthday, Nicole!

My friend Denise made this beautiful dimensional doily as a birthday present for her daughter Nicole. I stopped by Denise's on my way to school yesterday morning so I could see it in person. I just had to take a picture and show it to everyone! The pattern is from Doilies with a Twist by Patricia Kristoffersen (Denise and I love Trish's designs!) It's crocheted in Hakelgarn size 20. The doily looks pink on my computer, but it's really a beautiful clear red! Nicole will receive her birthday present today. I can't wait to hear Denise describe Nicole's reaction to it!

Nicole and my daughter Joanne have been friends since first grade. They took knitting lessons when they were very little from Dorothy Forbes, a very dear friend to both Denise and me. Both girls learned to knit and crochet. Nicole stuck with the knitting and has been going through Mason Dixon Knitting like wild fire! Joanne prefers crochet and loves to make baby blankets.

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