Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weave-Along #6 - Eight Single Rib

This is last week's Weave-Along square... I really messed up the first one and just didn't get back to it until tonight.


  1. Your weaving is so nice and even! Do you think you'll get a bigger loom someday!

  2. Beautiful weaving! I've just tagged you for the 8 things we don't know about you meme.

  3. I love this! Wonderful! I am working on several different squares.

  4. Hi! I am also a librarian and very much sure of copyright law but....I have looked for months to find this book: Modular Textures: Patterns for the Weavette & Weave-It Looms and it is out-of-print, unavailable through interlibrary loan, and I have called about 10 vendors who have no copies. Any chance that I could buy a copy from you? I am really needing the information in this book.


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