Monday, November 5, 2007

Finger Tatting

In correspondence with my dear friend TATBiT, I revealed that I never learned to finger tat... I think I shocked the poor woman! So, I looked up finger tatting on the Internet and found some simple directions... they were so simple I should have figured them out on my own! Anyway, this is a picture of my very first finger tatted ring! I'm so inspired that I'm going to take a ball of yarn to school today and teach any child who wants to learn, how to finger tat! I'll probably drive the rest of the staff crazy because there will be little yarn rings all around the school! Thank you for the inspiration (again!) TATBiT!

Now I must learn about math and the golden spiral and research Mary Sue Kuhn! I love learning!


  1. I must admit that finger tatting still isn't my favorite and took me a while to figure out. I can do it if I have to! Good for you. I hope you can teach lots of children how to do it and get them interested.

  2. Hi Diane,
    I'll have to go looking for finger tatting too. I've read about it, but have yet to find out how. Keep up the good work, and keep up the learning. I figure a day is wasted if I haven't learned at least a little something new!

  3. It's not my favorite thing either. I can do it, but all the time I'm thinking, "maybe if I had a little tiny shuttle..."

  4. I finger tat sometimes when necessary. I don't mind it, but I definately prefer shuttles.

    Good job and I hope tons of kids take an interest!

  5. Finger tatting's fine - as long as the thumbs don't get in the way!!!!!!

  6. Far....far...far away...
    at the beginning..... I learnt to tat with my fingers.... like playing...when I was a kid.

  7. LOL - love it Diane!
    Let's see where could you be cast in grease? Finger tatting - that is what I wanted to address. LOL
    I keep running into the phrase "just fingertat" . . . Well, I gave it a go and managed to do a bit - but I'm going to look for a tutorial. And I am with you - I just LOVE learning; God gave me the gift of a teachable heart. DH is really patient when he takes me into book stores - I can be there for hours. Glad B&N have a coffee shop for him, and a cd department.
    Probably why I taught for fifteen years! LOL
    now. . on to look for the finger tatting tutorial.

    love, BJ


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